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7 unusual experiences you can have in Piedmont (and you didn’t know it)

Even just mentioning it, Piedmont, immediately brings to mind the Langhe, hazelnuts and (good) wine, Fassona cheese and, in the case of Turin, the Egyptian Museum and royal palaces. Nothing untrue, for God’s sake, but this region, often perceived as harsh and which in fact is only so in appearance, is in reality a land full of hospitality, as especially the foreigners who stayed here in 2023 found out more than Italians (54% of overnight stays). Above all, Piedmont really has a lot to offer, and it’s not just a buzzword.

To ensure the authenticity of the numerous offers and attractions, there is actually the same variety of territory that is surrounded by mountains but still has the sea nearby (Savona is an hour and a half away by car) and that can boast of sights that look like paintings, hills, valleys, lakes, cities of art and (good) taste, and naturally a capital of elegance that would be worth the trip in itself. So here are seven places/experiences to live in Piedmont to discover its most original and special part.

1. Sleep in a shrine: Sacro Monte na Oropa

Sacro Monte from Oropa – courtesy of the VisitPiemonte press office

Situated among the rocky peaks of the Biella Prealps, covered with snow in winter and often veiled by a mysterious blanket of clouds in other seasons, the sanctuary of Oropa stretches towards the Sacro Monte plateau with its long colonnade of porticos that seem there, ready to embrace the arriving pilgrims , visitors and tourists. Tradition dictates that the people of Biela travel the road that leads to the shrine at least once a year: for others, once in a lifetime would be enough. Although it is a touristic, pilgrim but very well equipped place (with bars, shops and restaurants inside), Oropa’s Sanctuary manages to preserve a sacred or spiritual soul and that makes it special. To fully experience it you must stay for one night in guesthouse next to the basilica, where there are four types of rooms available to guests (apartment, junior suite, comfort and tourist), all spartan but very comfortable, with very high ceilings and furnished with antique furniture and objects. In the most absolute silence, lulled only by the flow of the Oropa stream, the rest will be more than regenerating.

2. Admire the “fabulous” hydroelectric plants (by Piero Portalupi)

Verampio Power Plant
Verampio Power Plant – tel. Enel Green Power

Source: VanityFair



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