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A paradise for children on holiday is in Torre Can, in Puglia

After all, the ultimate test is the restaurant. To find out if the place you have chosen for your family holiday is the right one, just look around the room where you eat and you will immediately understand how things will develop: how many people look at you badly because your child is crying or talking loudly voice? And accordingly: as a parent of a child, what is your stress level? When you step into one of the establishments of Great SerenaHotel Bluserena in Torre Can, Province of Brindisia smile spreads across the face of any parent who usually has the eternal worry of disturbing neighbors without small children and the nightmare of ruining the dinner of a couple who might want to spend a romantic evening. At Gran Serena, every table is occupied by at least one school or pre-school age child, the high chairs are scattered everywhere, as are the scraps of food that have fallen from the table, the atmosphere of cheerful confusion accompanies the meals (strictly suitable for children), no one will ever give you a bad look at the table, a tantrum flares up, indeed, the solidarity between parents is the real solder at that place. We’re all in this together: family holiday with children. And here, in this village in Pugliato Coastal Dunes Natural Park and a few kilometers from Itria Valleygifted with natural instinct, the little girl will exclaim contentedly as soon as she enters: it is beautiful.


A holiday suitable for children

effectively, Great Serena it is heaven on earth for any minor human being on vacation. Every moment of the day is designed and structured according to the needs and wishes of the little ones. There is a large swimming pool with slides and unz unz music in the background where you make friends in a second, but also the beach with animators who organize dances and games. The mini club it is open all day and organized with all the trappings of a real entertainment service: not just housework or baby dances, the minimum wage for entertainment, there is even a course to become mermaids. Yes: they put a mermaid tail on you and teach you to swim wearing it. There is a whole area reserved for children, with slides, elastic mattresses, swings, but also water games open until late.

Holiday with children, paradise is in Torre Can

This is a family-friendly microcosm immersed in a park of palm trees with a pond and springs and direct access to the sea, with a private beach. The rooms are spacious, with sunbeds set behind a screen, and minutes from the beach, which is always breezy. There are plenty of courses and sports activities for adults too, from yoga on the beach to the more classic water aerobics lessons, but also buraco tournaments, sailing, aerobics, dance, tennis, even Tai Chi Stretching and Latin Fitness. Gran Serena’s philosophy is: zero stress. With no worries about organizing activities or keeping the kids entertained, there’s something to do at any time of the day or night, and just for kids, there are endless opportunities to make friends. There are two restaurants: the central one with Il Patio, the shaded outdoor area, and Il Gusto, a small place with a few tables and the finest dishes in the area. And when evening comes, after an aperitif of local panzerotti and an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner (what a liberation), it’s time for fun again, with the show organized by the animation team in the theater. Blu Serena’s theme comes with a lot of choreography and the little girl again exclaims with satisfaction: it’s beautiful.

Holiday with children, paradise is in Torre Can

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