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Al Quintale in Erbusco, the meat restaurant that wants to be sustainable

To be sustainable, to respect the environment, Should we really stop eating meat altogether? Many are asking themselves this, some with the fear of giving up their favorite food, others with the consciousness of those who have already made a choice to have less impact on the environment.

However, the transition to a greener world, more respectful of nature and its cycles, even more balanced and less polluted also includes choices that are not necessarily radical. It certainly has that our relationship with animal raw materials must be rethought, if we want to imagine a future for all. But there are those who interpret this rethinking in a less drastic way, arguing (rightly, probably) that you can think about sustainable meat consumptionor, according to the environmental sciences and economics, to consumption that corresponds to “the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to realize their own.”

This approach is suggested Quintale, restaurant in Erbusco (BS) which quickly became a temple of excellent meat, also thanks to philosophy of his supplier Dario Cecchini, a butcher from Panzano in Chianti, among the most respected in the world in its category. At Quintale, the menu proposal is designed not only to treat the meat in the most respectful and excellent way possible, but also to use all cuts of the animal, increasing its consumption and reducing waste. “Nose to tail” is Quintale’s claim, because to respect an animal is to value it in its entirety. From roasted liver to fried pastries, to grilled diaphragm, passing through traditionally less noble but no less extraordinary cuts, such as bavetta and secret: the Quintale menu aims to give prestige to all parts of the animal, and not only of classic fine cuts.

“Optimizing meat consumption is at the heart of sustainability,” they explain to Quintale. “This is expressed in the ability to go beyond the classic cut, such as fillet, to open up the consumption of all parts of the animal, so that nothing is wasted.” By fully utilizing the animal, waste is reduced and the impact on the cuts is more evenly distributed, from which a lot of nutritional and flavor value can be extracted.”

Here at Quintale, “waste-free” is interpreted in this senseand cooking reduces environmental impact thanks to the world’s oldest cooking technique, fire.

Not just meat: the arrival of new chef Davide Modesti brings to Quintale a new element of restaurant distinction that is in line with the culinary ethos of the place. It’s about grilled vegetablewhich takes the international trend of returning live fire cooking to high-end kitchens and takes it from meat – which traditionally loves this kind of processing – to vegetable ingredients.

Source: VanityFair



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