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Albert Adrià’s sushi, the definitive gastronomic experience

Albert Adrià’s sushi, the definitive gastronomic experience

The French firm has chosen Michelin Star Albert Adrià to design a limited and exclusive edition that will be part of the restaurant’s menu throughout 2024.

The new menu consists of 8 exquisite preparations

Sushi Shop x Albert Adrià

Freshness, quality and innovation. These are the pillars that Albert Adrià took into account when designing the line for the year 2024. According to the chef, the approach consisted of creating “simple and direct recipes, without great technical displays or contrasts, combining tradition and innovation.” To achieve this, the expert has been involved in the entire creative process, resulting in a star product that preserves the values ​​and identity of Sushi Shop.

Onigiri Piece

This letter consists of 8 new elaborations -which we had the opportunity to try all- inspired by Japanese and Korean culture, combining aspects of the West. The complete list includes: Salmon Hako, Spicy Tuna Hako, Shiso Nigiri, Shiitake Gunkan, Chicken Kimchi Futomaki, Tamago Spring, Shiitake Onigiri and Temaki By You.

In addition to the flavor, which is distinguished by its incredible technical precision and combination of ingredients, another aspect to highlight is the impeccable presentation, especially in the case of the Hako Salmon for its unique shape. The playful proposal of the pieces is also another element that stands out, as in the case of the Temaki By Youwhich invites diners to play and prepare their own temakis.

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