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Alex Bellini, “I’m Going to Alaska to Get a Piece of My Heart Back”

He answers us on a video call smiling and excited about Valtellina. This is the last day in Italy for Alex Bellini before departure for Alaska for his next mission Eyes on the icewhich will officially launch on February 13, 2024. This is a three-year project that will take him to the polar regions of the world (in 2024 in Alaska, in 2025 in Greenland and finally in 2026 across the Arctic Ocean) to see with his own eyes – and to tell – how our planet does, it is he This For 20 years he has been traveling the world in the most extreme conditions. The researcher and popularizer decided to go this time in polar regions because they areguardians of our planet“And because our life is fundamentally and closely connected with the polesindeed, “the whole world is connected: man and nature are interdependent,” he says.

For this first part of the project Eyes on the ice in Alaska Alex Bellini will not be alone, he will go with a friend and athlete, Alexander Plona, with which he will travel 1800 km from the city of Anchorage to First name. “I am happy to travel with a companion. There comes a time when you want to give to others. Twenty years ago I was very self-centered and needed to untie some knots. Now that I’ve done that, I also dedicate myself to accompanying others in untying theirs».

Last day in Italy. Things left to do before departure?
“One prepares for months and then by the end there are thousands of unresolved issues, from how to organize the luggage to how to distribute the load on the bike. But there is a lot of excitement, even on the other side, there are things that we leave behind, as is normal, because in order to move forward, you always have to leave something behind.”

What are you leaving behind?
“Attachments, unresolved things, little situations that I have to put off. My wife and my two daughters.”

It’s very beautiful to think that in order to move forward, you have to leave something behind…
“It is, but when you give yourself permission to go, everything falls into place.”

This new project looks very ambitious and important: go and see the glaciers with your own eyes. Why there?
“The project not only aims to cross Alaska, but wants to talk about pressing issues. I am speaking clearly of the polar issues, which do not exclusively affect these geographical areas, but which in turn affect us all.”

You’re coming back to Alaska after 20 years, what’s the effect on you?
«I went to Alaska twice, in 2002 and 2003, and when I returned to Europe, I felt that I had left a part of my heart there; for many years I woke up in the morning and hoped I was still there. I will take back that part of my heart and also come full circle. I wonder if I’ll find that Alex Bellini who went looking for gold, inner gold. When you return to the places of your heart, you always feel a little fear. Obviously, the purpose of this mission is bigger than the mission itself, and this will help me put everything I’m seeing into a useful framework to talk about a world that’s changing.”

Source: VanityFair



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