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Andrea Belfiore: “There is nothing more sensual than cooking to make others happy”

The colors of childhood by Andrea Belfiore they were green but also blue. “I lived in Ancona, between the sea and the parks, through which I cycled with my family. I remember the May Day picnics, the smell of the grass, the beans and the strawberries,” says Belfiore, who flies from Marche to new York to live more than one life: that of drummer for jam sessionsthat of the cook and last but not least that of winner of the penultimate edition of Beijing Express along with his friend Joe Bastianich. “I was a disaster as a child: if I had been born in the United States, they would certainly have prescribed me something to make me feel good, given that I was profoundly hyperactive,” admits Andrea, a father who is a former district employee Marche and mother, servant of Assur «I also have a brother, Francesco, son of my mother, not my father. He’s also a chef,” adds Belfiore, who today, thanks to the format Pasta making party which gathers dozens of people to gather at a predetermined location with pasta to roll and sauces to taste, has given life to a winning formula that is recognizable both in America and in Italy. “In cooking I never follow the recipe too much, just as in music I never follow the score too much: cooking is instinctand therefore I have always trusted ideas and ideas rather than copying from others.”

As a child he was a little pest, in short.
“I never sat still, but I was also very sensitive. I got very upset when the kids didn’t invite me to the park and misbehaved with me.”

What did you want to be when you grew up?
«The fireman, although a little later, my love for music was born. I was 3 years old, I lived in a council house with my mother and grandmother because my parents were separated and I remember our neighbor made a terrible mess with the drums: they were desperate, but I was very excited and wanted to join him. So my mom took me to him and my passion was born there.”

Tina Boyadzhieva

Why the battery?
“I find it a very sensual instrument, but also a nice outlet. My first toy drums were given to me by my parents when I was 7, but I took my first lessons at 13. I remember that we couldn’t afford private lessons and that I did everything I could to convince the middle school principal to include a course in drums along with the one for guitar and flute. After much insistence, he finally gave in and I was able to play.”

The first song played?
«Scroll back by Vasco Rossi. At the time I was playing drums and volunteering with the 118 ambulance in Ancona because I always wanted to be of service to others. For the rest, I tried to do well in school to make my parents happy, going to Milan once a month by train to take drum lessons. At one point I had it in my head to enter the Berklee College of Music in Boston, America, so I worked hard to win a scholarship, which I eventually received with great emotion and disbelief of my parents.”

First strike with Boston?
“I cried for two weeks because it was so hard, not to mention I had little money and was sharing a hostel room with seven people. I didn’t speak a word of English, but every day I dreamed of becoming the best drummer in the world. Little by little I settled in, started making friends and found my dimension playing with different bands until I moved to New York where I stayed up until 4 in the morning to take part in all the jam sessions I could find.’

Did you work in the meantime?
“Yes, I did everything. The bricklayer carrying 150 kilo bags on his shoulders, the model, the salesman, the waiter and the bartender at a catering company that I used to become a cocktail expert. Thanks to this experience, for 5 years I was a bartender at the Met Gala, serving, among others, George Clooney, Madonna, Bill Murray and Bon Jovi. I didn’t care much for VIPs: at one edition a woman approached me and asked for a glass of prosecco when the bar was already closed, so I secretly gave it to her and she hugged me and kissed me. It was Sarah Jessica Parker.”

So what’s going on?
“At 30, I had gigs behind me, hours and hours in the recording studio and a couple of bands, but it wasn’t enough. I asked myself what I was doing with my life and decided to devote myself to the other great love of my childhood: cooking. In 2017, I was stuck for 3 days with two Italian scientists in an apartment in Washington Square due to a storm, and thanks to the suitcases of food that arrived from Italy, including polenta, mushrooms and the rest, we started cooking: I never in my life I’ve made tortellini by hand, but I learned from this case by remembering how my grandmother used to make them. As a child I watched her mesmerized, playing with my hands in the dough.”

Source: VanityFair



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