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Bar Principe in Milan is being renovated and is ready to become the best place in town

What is the best moment of the day? TO Milan undoubtedly that ofaperitif and for everyone who loves this ritual there is something new in town. More than novelty, we must speak of new life: the Bar Principe at the Hotel Principe di Savoia – Dorchester Collection in Milan he just changed his clothes. A new bar manager, a new drinks list and a new atmosphere give life to a new era of the iconic bar in the capital of Lombardy.

Daniele Cellimixologist with international experience ed former bartender of the famous 1930 speakeasy in Milanthis is the soul that revolutionized Principe Bar. At the center of the rebirth is obviously the new drinks list, designed to enhance each ingredient and ready to be renewed every three months, following the natural rhythms of seasonality.

Andrea Di Lorenzo / www.andreadilorenzo.it

Between texture games, curious changes in tastes And at operating temperaturesare at the center of the proposal 6 signature cocktails fruit of the teamwork of the Principe Bar management team Daniele Cellisupported by the beverage consultant, Marco Russoand the permanent assistant bartender, Federico Salvalaggio.

In the new charter, space is also given to a great mixological classic. The list, starting from 1800, traces the different historical eras through their most iconic cocktails and will be enriched month after month with a new proposal.

Among our favorites on the winter drink list: Autumn in autumnmixed based on Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, Abbott’s and Angostura bitters, with a spicy and umami charge that releases forest and wood notes from the smoking and black truffle leaf garnish; l’Hot Chocolate Toddyserved warm, in which the sweet note meets the aromas of Cognac and some chocolate; or even on Mulled wine Manhattana drink born from the meeting between the traditional flavored wine typical of Northern European countries and the iconic New York cocktail.

Principe Bar the coolest cocktail bar in Milan
Andrea Di Lorenzo / www.andreadilorenzo.it

Source: VanityFair



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