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Because we love the idea of ​​a restaurant in Verona that offers wine to those who don’t use mobile phones

A digital detox can be enforced with glasses of wine: if you can’t put down your smartphone for a few hours while dining with friends, there new restaurant in Verona which will make you change your mind if you want to accept the challenge. After the premises that bar access to social influencers, the next step is the proposal that comes from the city center of Romeo and Juliet. If they had the chance to have a romantic evening at a restaurant, they certainly wouldn’t spend it chatting on Whatsapp or posting pictures of food on Instagram.

Restaurant Al Condominio is sure of that: ditching your cell phone to enjoy food and company will make you appreciate the cuisine, the environment and the friendliness more. So to help separate from our digital extension, is offering all couples (and groups) who accept the challenge of putting their smartphone in the drawer a bottle of Maia Wine Pinot Noir. In a place designed to redefine the concept of ‘condominium’, and therefore community, in a modern key, there is no room for technological distraction.

«Each guest will be able to choose at the beginning of the evening whether to “free” yourself from your smartphone, disconnect from technology and devote yourself entirely to your loved one, your family or to conversations with your dinner companions without the constant distraction of notifications or texts,” the establishment explains. “For those who decide to go with the technology-free option, they will be able to place their iPhone in their personal mailbox and receive a welcome bottle. A valid alternative to the smartphone and an excellent companion for a dinner party spent in company.”

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This does not appear to be just a marketing ploy by the restaurant, but a real invitation to rediscover the joy of festivity. In short, the restaurant prefers to have a little notoriety today thanks to the articles that tell about its choices, but at the same time it forgoes the live stories from customers on social media, the new frontier of gastronomic promotion. The smartphone-free philosophy of the Veronese restaurant continues even after dinner: «Always with a technology-free perspective, reviews will be entrusted to pen and paper and can be posted in mailboxes, thus leaving a personal memory of the first “Al Condominio ” dinner» Not just a romantic idea, but good practice to learn to do without the mobile phone screento really concentrate on the meals he eats, the wine he drinks, the conversation with the person or people he chooses to share the table with.

The truth is that we like the offer of the Al Condominio restaurant above all because highlights a series of unnerving practices to which we all, in some way, often succumb. We all answer that important phone call, even during a romantic dinner. We’ve all had the chance to connect with someone on WhatsApp at least once, interrupting a conversation between bites or even just taking a momentary pause in the chat. Everyone – absolutely everyone – has risked letting our meals go cold just to get the perfect photo to post on social media. And the higher the level of the restaurant (and thus the dish), the more this happens, because after all, have you really been to a starred restaurant if you don’t post it on social media?

Well, we have to forget some habits, and imagine that we always have a mailbox to post our smartphone in at the start of dinnerat least from time to time. Just to rediscover the pleasure of actually being at a table with someone.

The proposal, assured by the Condominium, is a success beyond expectations. A sign that the desire to detox from food porn and hyperlink is really there. And it’s probably not so much the free bottle of wine that triggers it, but rather being faced with the choice to do so, and really, albeit in a teasing way.

We are sure of one thing: the guests of the cooperative they will really enjoy cooking, in a completely new, almost forgotten way. Managers will maybe give up a few Instagram stories, but they will send customers away satisfied with the experience they had. So the question remains: do we really need a bottle of wine to ditch our favorite smartphone for a few hours?

Source: VanityFair



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