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Classic, stuffed, vegan and gluten-free: doves for Easter 2024 to buy online

Every year the question is the same: which is the best Easter dove to enjoy with family or else? Just like panettone and pandoro, during the Christmas period, this sourdough dessert is a tradition that does not pass and does not want to be forgotten.

Of course, there is the evergreen doubt: this one is better pigeon or the classics chocolate egg? In this case, the answer is simple: both, obviously. To treat yourself to a a bite of tradition and the pleasure of the chocolate surprise, but also to allow balanced and interesting tastings as a result of one sweet shop which gets higher and higher even when it is for everyone.

Yes, even for those who do not like candied fruits, for those who follow a diet vegan and for gluten intolerance. But also for everyone who is looking for something more than classic easter dove and are ready to to experiment. So go ahead for full-fledged fillings, such as exaggerations in the pistachiosbut also of scents with a strong appeal: those that resist before salted caramel? Then there is no shortage of chocolate obviously also to taste in combination with raspberry. Green light and for Easter doves really alternatives like this in Margaritawithout forgetting the design proposals of cook. The thing that should not be underestimated? Easy purchase: all thanks to the Internet and a few clicks that will make the dessert “fly”. pigeon directly to the table for Easter 2024.


Sciara, with pistachios

An artisan colomba with no candied fruit, soft and buttery at just the right point without being cloying. The white chocolate frosting is memorable, thanks also to the chopped pistachio, which opens the doors (and the taste buds) to the similarly flavored spread. Depending on your tastes and needs, you can use it to stuff the pigeon or spread it piece by piece. Made in Sicily, obviously.


Galup, a chocolate pigeon

Gluten and lactose free, this Easter dove pleases everyone. The hazelnut glaze is traditionally enriched with whole almonds and granulated sugar. In this version, however, the dough is sprinkled with delicious pieces of dark chocolate, but without candied fruit. It is also available in a classic version, vegan and with black cherries and chocolate.


Bai, Colomba Antica Milano

Among many innovative offers, a great classic is also necessary. And here is this artisan colomba, made in one of Milan’s most iconic pastry shops, enclosed in a tin that recalls its history (and which also makes it a beautiful gift idea). All the traditional elements are present here, including candied orange peels.


Vergani, a vegan Easter dessert

One of the tastiest Easter offerings for 2024 is from Vergani, who have made it with only quality ingredients certified by VeganOk. Given the 750g package, it can also be appreciated by omnivores, thanks to the enveloping aroma of the cocoa butter used for the dough, but above all to the irresistible comprehensiveness of the dark chocolate.


Philippi, pigeon with salted caramel

The dough is the same soft and light that Filippi used to us with his classic kolombe, but inside we find a brave surprise. The salted caramel filling, evenly distributed throughout the cake with large drops, is intense and balanced. The more daring will be able to combine a slice at the end of the meal with a selection of mature cheeses.


Eataly, chocolate and raspberry pigeon

The dough is very soft, made with the mother yeast that made all the brand’s ovens famous and enriched with elegant candied raspberries and delicious drops of dark chocolate. It’s unglazed, and Eataly suggests warming it slightly in the oven to appreciate its full potential. Even the packaging does not leave anyone indifferent.


Flamini, Easter Dove Margherita

This is one of those rich pigeons, but so rich in cream that it can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Who in this case will also be amused by the witty presence of tequilaenlivened by freshness var as in the best margarita cocktails. To enclose so much delicious abundance, a coating of White chocolate and sliced ​​lime, the same we find candied in the dough made with kvass.

Sal De Riso

Sal De Riso, Colomba Tiramisu

Tiramisu lovers will fall in love with this Easter version of their favorite dessert and because it is an interpretation of pigeon suggested by one of the pastry stars of the moment: Sal De Riso. The long naturally leavened dough is enriched with espresso and filled with mascarpone cream. White chocolate, dark chocolate and coffee on the outside.

Iginio Massari

High pastries Iginio Massari, Coconut Colomba

In the dough of this wonderful colomba, signed by one of the greatest masters of Italian pastry, cinnamon and coconut cubes, or an exotic journey we all deserve to take at Easter. Covered with white chocolate almond cream frosting and topped with shredded coconut.


Fiasconaro, pink columba and prickly pear

One of the boldest, but also the most sought-after combinations among those proposed by Fiasconaroalso returns in version Easter bread. We’re talking about the now-legendary rose and prickly pear, which combine elegantly in an artisanal dessert made with natural sourdough. The pink chocolate, which is also present in the dough, then enriches the outer surface in combination with the white chocolate coating.

Source: VanityFair



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