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Costa Smeralda: behind the scenes of the cruise to Sanremo

The Festival on It’s worth it Emerald It has a completely different taste. Sanremo is Sanremo, and when you experience it on a cruise ship the risk of getting distracted becomes more than real. Let’s be clear, there is nothing negative about the distraction we are talking about, on the contrary, allowing a little distance from the chaos that surrounds the Ligurian city during this period has only advantages, and getting lost among the many activities to be done helps to enjoy the festival is better, certainly from one point of view unusual and in the same time outstanding.

Although anchored in the sea, It’s worth it Emerald And Sanremo they lived for a week in perfect symbiosis, the city watched him at sea, the ship responded with its own messages brightsome of which have become a real cult, such as the slogan «Sanremo is loved”others transformed into memes such as the double message «Do you know who is greeting you? this ship” or even «There are sleepy ones and liars”when late at night Costa Smeralda embodied everyone’s thoughts.

What it’s like to be on the ship (to see Sanremo)

Life every day on the ship created a little routine for everyone, which started like any good habit, with breakfast, went through the events on the schedule, such as Barbers And Massarireal added value on the cruise and we were preparing for the event on deck 16, the one that hosted the link to the Festival during the live broadcasts on Rai1.

It was the first time on a cruise ship and as a debut it was quite atypical because the ship was not traveling, it was stopped off the coast of Sanremo and part of the spaces were dedicated to events. However, the blow was strong. The traveling smart city they described the ship as is indeed a city in motion, but my term of comparison absolutely does not hold up, so far the only ship filmed that could even remotely resemble it was the ferry to Sardinia, completely removed from the grandeur of Costa Smeralda.

Behind the scenes of the guests

The performances were the highlight of the cruise, each with a different tone. Tedua and Bresch did the honor of the house, those who are among the voices of the new Genoese school and who tell their story Driliguriathe same one that gives the name to the collective they are part of together Vaz Tea, Izi and Disme. Bob Sinclair made the right international contribution, the French DJ, who has always been associated with Italian music, once again paid tribute to it by performing his most famous hits and those that recall the protagonists of Festival like To make love with Raphaela Drive and the latest I hear you with i Matthias Bazaar.

The one that moved us the most was Gigi D’Agostinotwo years after the announcement of his illness, on Captain he returned to the console, and where could he do it if not on a ship? While we were there, we got to witness some fantastic things off the air. Tedua he said he was happy to trap in Sanremo, Bresh there was a choir singing for his mother’s birthday and we got that Bob Sinclair he experiences the moments before the set with extreme calmness and concentration.

Experiencing the live performances was a way to be part of the festival, a unique experience that provided a wealth of anecdotes that will not disappear easily, some will be truly unbeatable, like those who will be able to tell about that time in the Costa swimming pool Smeralda on DJ set by Gigi D’Agostino live in Sanremo or who will say when Igino Massari he did everything to win against Barbers at the blind show. So thank you Costa Smeralda, and I imagine you only have one way to say goodbye: “Do you know who is greeting you? This ship!”.

Source: VanityFair



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