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Cubrik, the square croissant that’s driving Turin crazy (but there’s also the spherical one)

First there was the croissant. A buttery and soft croissant to dip into your cappuccino, and bite until you reach the cream that fills it. Nothing simpler or more effective to turn breakfast into a little party. It was invented by the French (and who else?), who to create it were inspired – it seems – by «kipferl» Austrian, bread in the shape of a croissant, which was prepared in fashion Viennese boulangerie Parisians of the mid-nineteenth century. From there, among other things, comes the term «Viennoiserie»which identifies all French-style baked pastries, from Pain Au Chocolat to Danish brioche.

It’s hard to create something so perfect. Yet in Turin there are those who try and do it with new shapes, trying to build a new era of the croissant. In fact, the idea seems to be working considering the queues that line up every morning outside the pastry shops that serve croissant 2.0, in the shape of a sphere, cube, pyramid or planet. Dozens – sometimes hundreds – of people wait for hours to get their hands on one, eager to try the latest novelty or even just post a picture on social media with what is now a small object of gastronomic desire.

The crucible

If there is a zero moment of the War of Turin on viennoiserie, this is the day of creation of Crubik. Inspired by Northern Europe (some pastry shops there already offered such a product), Crubik is manufactured at Farmacia del Cambio – the patisserie of the most historic and famous restaurant in the city – by Matteo Baronetto’s team, then led by Maicol Vitellozzi. Filled with cream and placed in a cube shape, Crubik, with the help of some social influencers, immediately became a cult object. So much so that one after another, several confectioners in the city began to do similar, each working with different variations of cream. Maicol Vitellozzi himself, who has since opened his own bakery in Turin, is creating a two-flavored version (with half the chocolate dough) that he calls Crubik 2.0.

The pyramid

Cubrik the square croissant that drives Turin crazy

Source: VanityFair



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