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Discover the Florentine master craftsmen with Hotel Helvetia & Bristol’s Artisan Experiences

It’s Italy State Guardian of the Great Beauty: that of its monuments, of course, of its history and the art which has made it great through the ages. But also the beauty of the great master craftsmen who today, as in the past, work in the same way, creating with small hand gestures millions of times repeated precious, unique objects, symbols of an identity that is too often lost. And it is precisely this identity that the modern patronage project wants to rediscover «The great beauty – the dream factory», carried out since 2019 by Starhotels.

A path of rediscovery and valorization of the best Italian artisans, those who have made the tradition of Made in Italy great, discovered thanks to the valuable collaboration of important institutions in the field of artistic professions such as OMA – Observatory of the Artistic Professions Association And Cologni Foundation of Artistic Professions. Starhotels dedicates a two-year award to them and chooses to actively involve them craftsmen in the repair of their hotels so that the rooms reflect the warmth and wisdom that their work can convey and convey.

This happens, for example, in very central and elegant rooms at the Helvetia & Bristol in Florencewhich became part of the Starhotels Collezione hotels in 2016: a building born at the beginning of the nineteenth century as a private residence in the heart of the city and already converted into a hotel in 1885 by the Swiss Giacomo Mosca, who made it one of the favorite stops of the international elite engaged in Big tourwith travelers drawn to the precious furnishings reflecting the atmosphere of that refined era.

And even today, after that a master restoration and modernization interventionHelvetia & Bristol Florence reflects Florentine style, the elegance of history, the craftsmanship of the artisans who for centuries have created precious objects valued around the world along the Arno. The precious collections of objects, furniture and furnishings, ranging from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, are in fact enhanced with contemporary accents and creations of high Italian craftsmanship, including original design wallpapers, elegant paneling and beveled oak floors. Italian silk damask fabrics.

In this work of appreciating the great master craftsmen, Starhotels decided to share their culture with their guests and not just by placing their items in the hotel rooms. Thanks to the project Craft experiences, in fact, they are provided to Starhotels Collezione delle customers immersive experiences to discover the traditions and arts of the most precious artisan workshops in the cities of art Venice, Milan, Florence and Rome.

In Florence, for example, you can visit laboratory of Simon and Pierfrancesco Calchinai, descendants of a whole generation of Florentine bronze workers. Or “leather school”, founded in Florence in 1950 thanks to the joint initiative of the Gori and Cazzini families, Florentine leather masters since 1930, and the Franciscan monks of the Basilica of Santa Croce, to teach artisanal techniques to war orphans. Or it may still be discovered the ancient technique of the Florentine clerkwhich flourished in Florence from the sixteenth century and is still performed today, among the very few, by Leonardo Scarpelli.

Source: VanityFair



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