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Eleonora and Niccolo from MasterChef: is it a love story or not?

They have no last name, the contestants of Masterchef Italyat least not before the winner is announced, that moment where they rediscover their pre-chamber identities and stop being just contestants. Eleanor Risohowever, the talented and charming winner of this edition was an exception: she had a surname for all fans of the program as early as twenty-four hours before last night’s finale, and to let us know by giving her a new face, it was his partners in crime Nicholas.

The moment we found him and remembered him, taking him out of the anonymity to which all contestants in the talent show are condemned, was actually when Niccolo told us his was “the most beautiful last name in the world”, in a very sweet good luck post a few hours before his triumph aired. Words that didn’t exactly sound like a friendly wish, but more like a small, whispered declaration of love.

«At first you seemed crazy to me… Then I got to know you better and found that you are actually crazy… You never disappointed my expectations in that, on the contrary, you were crazy far beyond my expectations and because that always surprised and took me away part of your laugh,” wrote the tongue-in-cheek doctor, a fan of cosmic pessimism (which, we bet, drives the girls crazy). “I’d love to hug you at the finish line too”, he concluded with a little fond heart. A hug that was also not visible there on the podium, among the confetti and magnums of sparkling wine, but which was actually there if we looked closely at the images.

So the audience of Masterchef Italy (which yesterday was the most numerous of the last four finals) could not help but wonder if love had struck, between Iginio Massari’s dessert and Mauro Uliassi’s experience. In fact, we had already seen that the two were close: there was a precise moment when a bond was formed, and that was when they worked together for the much-dreaded couples test. There, between one joke and another, madness met pessimismand the agreement seemed very high.

Then a few disagreements here and there, in the course of a contest which still pits all against each other: but even in these cases, the arguments seemed more like quarrels between young lovers.

And if it is true that Niccolò entered the master class as a boyfriend, it is equally true that at the end he made it clear – without going into too much detail – that there had been some change in his love life and that it was caused by participation in the program.

She is careful about it. “Expressing your feelings has never been easy. Even though I’ve been promising myself for years that I would commit to breaking free without fear, it’s still hard. It always seems like a leap into the void,” she wrote in the mirror post of his, the one with the photo of them side by side in the black apron. «Showing affection, love, joy has always terrified me far more than showing my personal weaknessesfragility and worries.
Disappointments make you shit, and in the end it always seems easier to get off on the wrong foot than to hope for it and then end up like a pear without cheese.”

Today, after the victory, Eleonora continues to belittle her. “We have an extraordinary relationship,” she admits to those who ask her if there is anything tender between her and Niccolo. “But no, there is nothing from that point of view.”

Source: VanityFair



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