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Five essential restaurants if you visit the Philippines: from the best in the country to a Cantabrian one

Five essential restaurants if you visit the Philippines: from the best in the country to a Cantabrian one

We traveled to Metro Manila, on the island of Luzon. It not only hosts the capital, but also different cities (much more than neighborhoods), as seen in the location of the recommended restaurants. Always prioritizing those that offer the most genuine local cuisine.

2316 Chino Roces Avenue, Magallanes, Makati

Trained in London and Hong Kong, Jordy Navarra He returned to his homeland to raise a great national culinary flag with his wife May. His restaurant is best in the country in all rankings and shines in sustainability. Indigenous ingredients and ancestral techniques achieve flavors that breathe newness.

Several contributions elevate it: 18 vegetables united in one salad called bahay kubo. Three revolutionary interpretations of the typical pork barbecue and its eggplant omelet with banana ketchup (tortan talong) They also surprise. The calf left the menu in 2022 and the half of their dishes are vegetarians or vegans.


Since its chef and owner Antonio Escalante (Tony Boy) opened it in 2002, the spanish colonial house which houses its restaurant is a fixture for ladies and gentlemen. Impeccable service, romantic surroundings and picturesque gardens offer a signature elegance that no rival has been able to match.

You have to drive a long way to enjoy this award-winning European cuisine in Cavite: crunchy salads with vegetables from your garden, oysters in sauce mignonette and favorites from our continent such as French roast duck or a German knuckle. The red meats are prepared with care by a team familiar with international tastes.

Gallery by Chele

The Cantabrian Chele Gonzalez is he only Spaniard among the 50 best restaurants from Asia with its flagship. He introduced haute cuisine to Manila and, together with Carlos Villaflor, created innovative recipes there as a result of the dialogue between Spanish cuisine, the Filipino legacy and travels in search of flavor.

Two tasting menus (six and 10 seasonal dishes) that take between two and four hours to fully enjoy. Products such as pickled Mexican turnip (jicama) are combined with octopus and chicken broth in the laksa inasal. The sweet potato puree, with Chinese broccoli and smoked pork concentrate, in its Iberico Char Siu. Guaranteed surprise.

201 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila


The best

The Aristocrat

As an informal and popular option, this place has been located since 1936 next to Rajah Sulayman Square, a must-visit area. After the tourist walks, delight locals and visitors with Tasty barbecues at very affordable prices. Genuinely Filipino family flavors in a festive atmosphere.

Several generations have praised their barbecue chicken marinated in honey, But the grilled pork and their homemade sandwiches have the same quality. For dessert, you have to try a halo-halo (crushed ice mixed with evaporated milk, sweet beans and fruits). With an iced coffee and a banana shake, you return to the street in the best of moods.

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