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Flight from Milan to New York with La Compagnie: economy business dinner with great chefs

“Of course you can eat well on the plane, but you have to want it. You have to study the courses carefully, pay more attention than companies usually do,” Lo answers confidently Chef Felix Lo Bassoof the Milan restaurant on Via Goldoni, Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurantas we fly from Milan to New York in business class, on flight de The company, the first company with only business headquarters. After Lorenzo Who and before Kiara Pawan – which will switch on with its sustainable cuisine in the spring, from April to May 2024 – for this winter, Lo Basso was the protagonist of Chefs&Co program of the French airline.

The Chefs&Co program for Italy includes a series of special menus lasting several months, prepared by star chefswhich board with the passengers on the day of the menu launch.

From Milan to New York in business class, with great chefs

It is undeniable that eating well in the air is difficult and seems to be more and more common: on the last intercontinental flights I took, after the first meal I always refused the second. Almost always the dishes are heavy, overcooked, overcooked or overcooked, not to mention the cold appetizers. And every time I ask myself “Why?”. The flight from Milan Malpensa to New York gave me some answers.

Meanwhile, eating well on a plane is possible: Felix Lo Basso’s menu consisted of appetizers based on couscous with roasted vegetables and shrimp and a main dish choice between roasted sea bass with vegetables and saffron sauce or aubergine lasagna with mozzarella and fresh basil – which I chose – and chocolate mousse. “It’s not true that it costs a lot or that it needs a lot of work on site, on the contrary you should study simple dishes, but done with criteria.” Which for example? “For example, oil- and fat-based dishes that solidify in the refrigerator should be avoided; sauces and condiments should be served separately once on board; even salt dosages should be reviewed : food at altitude loses salt and is sweet, so you have to think about adding it once in the air. It’s primarily a matter of time and temperatures.” Instead, in-flight meals are often just that: full of fat and sauces.

But another question I’ve always asked myself on a flight, whenever I find myself putting frozen bread over the tray of the sizzling main course coming out of the oven to reach an acceptable temperature is: «Why can’t they reheat the main courses with the bread or starters?».

“Dishes must be prepared and ready two days before the flight – chef Lo Basso explains to me – that’s why we need to study dishes that can be maintained, but above all the people who will serve the dishes must be trained, they must know how to regenerate them in the right way”. That’s all explained: big mistakes often happen once during a flight, so with a little goodwill, anything can be done, even eating well on the plane.

Source: VanityFair



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