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Franciacorta: a revolutionary new identity

Looking to the future, with a new brand positioning and revolutionary visual identity. The announcement of this transformation marks an important moment for Franciacorta in its growth, which is not only about image, but also extends to the valorization of the territory and the viticultural region.
In fact, it was also inaugurated the first map of vineyards and areas in the region, meticulous work done by Alessandro Masnaghetti, who accurately identified 134 different areas within the denomination. An event that projects this area of ​​great sparkling wines forward (19.5 million bottles sold), with a new vision and a very precise identification of its wine resources.

Silvano Breschanini and Alessandro Masnaghetti

little oriel

An evolution that transforms the essence of Franciacorta from a consortium into a true brand, starting from new brand identity: after more than 10 years, characterized by the jagged F enclosed in the glass, the new brand was revealed, which acquired greater strength and a more harmonious shape, becoming something of an open window to the world of Franciacorta, its territory, its wine and its method.
“We are happy to present our new brand image, which represents our continuous commitment to excellence, innovation in the wine sector and our desire to evolve with the times and our cornerstones: elegance and prestige, but also rigor, precision and determination . We thank AUGE for their valuable contribution and we are confident that this work will lead Franciacorta to new goals,” said Silvano Brescianini, President of Franciacorta.

Franciacorta new revolutionary identity

Speaking of the Franciacorta method, now the meaning is twofold: it affects both the way each bottle is produced and the way of life: an attitude made of bold choices, a constant search for quality and a desire to constantly surpass yourself. Rigor, discipline and selectivity: these are the values ​​that allow us to speak about ourselves with pride to address an expert, passionate and increasingly international audience.

Source: VanityFair



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