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Fried gnocchi: the traditional Emilian recipe

We immediately apologize to the people of Emilia that we preferred to talk about «the fried dumplings instead ““fried dumplings”. as they often rightly point out, true to the linguistic tradition of the kitchen. We took the risk, comforted by the Accademia della Crusca, which a few years ago expressed itself in favor of both solutions: one more dialectical, the other in proper Italian. This is the only variation we allow ourselves, because here we are looking for the authentic recipe of a monument of the local cuisine – especially from Reggio Emilia, Modena and Parma – which has its roots in history. Even before the fall of the Western Roman Empire, according to some sources, when the Lombards, who abounded in lard in their cooking, arrived in Italy. In fact, even in subsequent centuries, the recipe for this species Swollen “bread”, at the same time crispy and very soft, envisioned frying pork in fat, at least until—and we’re talking about recent times—nutrition science dictates the new coordinates of health. Thus, apart from the purists, even the cooks who have the most respect for regional dogma have started to return to seed butter. Also fried, but at least…

Food from the Emilia Romagna region, deep fried bread gnocco fritto or crescentina served in a restaurant in Parma, Italy close upbarmalini – stock.adobe.com

Guardians of Italian flavors

This is how Anna Maria Barbieri prepares it Antika Moka Restaurant from Modena, which she founded with her husband in 1973, which combines the traditional tasting menu – including passatelli, tortellini in capuno or herbazone broth – with a more creative one (cod cannoli, pickled purple cabbage, eggs and spicy mayonnaise, yes say) because «good food is always an act of love, even more so when it looks beautiful and comes with a few surprises». Let’s be clear: she turns 80 next year, over 50 of which have been spent in the kitchen, and if she’s always managed to keep up with the times, she’s never denied her history. “I come from a family of cheesemakers, so butter and Parmigiano Reggiano are in my DNA,” he says. “My tastes are the ones I knew as a child, at home, and of all of them I especially love fried gnocchi, which is so simple that it takes a lot of attention to make it really good. You learn to see with your eyes if the pasta is right, if the oil is the right temperature, and then you enjoy the magic of that cloud puffing up in the pan.” perfect with great Emilian sausagesmagnificent with i cheese, here fried gnocchi has always been eaten at any time of the day. «It is traditionally accompanied with rawwith tumblerbut my grandmother already served it to us along with jam. Fruits are also great, especially berries.grape. As for the wine to go with it, I’ll just say this: we’re in the area of Lambrusco».

Fried gnocchi according to the traditional Emilian recipe

The recipe for fried gnocchi

Ingredients for 20 pieces

(calculated 4-5 per person for a full meal, accompanied by cured meats/cheeses) 500g flour 00, 50g sunflower oil, 15g salt, 10g sugar, 5g brewer’s yeast, 50g milk, to taste. cold sparkling water.


Mix all the ingredients until you get a smooth and soft dough. Let rest for one hour, covered. Roll out the dough thinly (about 3 millimeters), then cut rectangles about 10×15 centimeters in size. They are fried in boiling sunflower oil. Drain and serve with your choice of accompaniments.

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