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Geolier brings pizza to everyone in Sanremo: its pop-up arrives (which also delivers to Rome, Milan and Naples)

THE p’me, you p’te, and all together for pizza. It comes from Naples after all Emmanuelle Palumbo, also known as Geolierone of Amadeus’ many masterstrokes at the artistic direction of the Sanremo Festival.

Much loved by the younger crowd, almost completely unknown to the older audience, Geolier is an artist of a new generationone of those who willingly combine music (and what, considering that the song he brings to Ariston is remarkable in its genre) successful marketing operations. So, on the occasion of his debut on the most popular music scene in Italy, Geolier tried to reach a consensus with the most popular product in Italy, the Neapolitan pizza.

So he arrives in Sanremo «Geolier pizza», a pop-up place which will offer pizzas – dedicated to his musical career and his city – for the entire duration of the Festival. For example, there is a “Secondigliano” pizza, which replaces the classic marinara in the singer’s project. Or the one dedicated to his second album, The courage of children, which can only be with sausages and chips, being dedicated to the little ones. «23 marzo» is a margherita with yellow cherry tomatoes, while «Maradona» is a white pizza with zucchini. There is – apparently – too the pizza dedicated to the song that Geolier brings to the festivalwhich actually offers one of the great classics of Neapolitan pizza, sausage and broccoli.

Seven days to try them out, after which the pop-up will disappear unless it’s a market test to see how easily you can switch from discs to wood-fired ovens. And the project (created by Deliveroo, Warner Music Italy and Another One) doesn’t just concern Sanremo and the festival audience. Geolier does big things, so many its pizzas can also be ordered in Naples, Rome and Milan via Deliveroo.

A little confirmation of how Italian music has learned to go hand in hand with the food and drink market, especially on the occasion of an undoubtedly tempting showcase like that of the Sanremo Festival.

Source: VanityFair



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