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Here are the most beautiful spas in the world (in our opinion)

This article about the world’s most beautiful wellness spas was published in Vanity Fair issue 14, on newsstands until April 2, 2024.

You are looking for the right place to make a great gift for yourself, body and soul, but at the same time – and on the same trip – you would like longevity for leisure, the travel trend that in 2024 is at the center of a real revolution ? With a $5.6 trillion economic value, global wellness is in everyone’s interest, and wellness spas that focus on longevity at all ages are increasingly welcoming, luxurious and indulgent. The era of white hospital rooms and surprisingly cold showers when you wake up is over, now you should feel good. From the Thai beach to the international medical center, they try to combine true relaxation (check out these places…) but also offer cures, treatments, purposeful yet delicious cuisine and experiences like cryotherapy to give immediate benefits but also so at home, and even for many years, perhaps far away: in short, a better future life. Here are 5 wellness destinations near and far to salute everyone, invest in feeling good, and start taking over yourself right away.

Statues and palm trees by the pool in Kamalaya Koh Samui.

Source: VanityFair



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