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Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, the new apartments have all the charm of Venice

l’Hilton Molino Stucky Venice unveils its new apartments designed by interior designer Biagio Forino, marking a new step in this ongoing process of renovation of the five-star hotel.

“When I arrived at Molino Stuckey,” he says Biagio Forino – I wanted to spend some time alone to soak up the Genius Loci. In fact, my inspiration can arise from even a simple detail, and while I was admiring the incredible view revealed by the many windows overlooking Venice, I wanted the hotel guests to can stay in touch with the dreamy atmosphere of the lagoon».

Biagio Fiorino

The initial inspiration is always the industrial purpose of the building, whose architecture is unique in the architectural panorama of the city. The original idea has been respected and improved by the project, which gives new meaning to some key elements, including the beams, the grain bunkers, the windows with their very specific shape. The new element is permanent and inevitable call water of the lagoon, which acquires a unique color: a particular tone of aqua green that is repeated in the upholstery Rubella on sofas and armchairs, in damask from “Toile de Venise” screens, in the headboards and curtains.

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice has all the charm of Venice in the new apartments

Source: VanityFair



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