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How Chef Enrico Crippa Reached Gastronomic Heights With an “Ordinary” Salad (and the Extraordinary Recipe to Copy It)

21, 31, 41, 51… The numbers they make up Enrico Crippa’s salad they sound like a litany in the heads of the diners, and perhaps in the heads of the chef as well. 21, 31, 41, 51 and then these ellipses showing that the sky (or rather the garden) is the limit for ingredient possibilities from the dish that mostly made the restaurant famous Piazza Duomo, three Michelin stars in Alba.

Salad, simple and anything but simple. A creative dish, extremely complex, surprisingly fresh and balanced and harmonious, full of different flavors that alternate in the mouth one after the other. Everything, amazing, in one salad.

Only an extremely talented chef can take the risk of creating a dish signature Like this one. A dish that is not cooked, but thought out in detail, sheet by sheet, to find the right final balance. Maybe even Enrico Crippa wasn’t crazy enough to bet everything on this salad to begin with. Perhaps even he did not expect to have the success he had, becoming an icon of modern national cuisine and beyond.

How Enrico Crippa’s salad was born

Salad 21, 31, 41, 51… by Enrico Crippa

All the best things happen by chance, but when you finally have a goal to strive for, chance has little to do with anything you do to get to the finish line. “Let’s just say the salad was more of an inside bet on my part”, explains chef Enrico Cripa. “It was 2005, the first year of Piazza Duomo. I still had to introduce myself, nobody knew who Enrico Crippa was.”

“People often sat in the restaurant and especially at lunch, he asked me if we had a salad. I was suffering internally because I had thought up and created at least twenty different dishes for the menu plus two tasting menus and in the end there were still those who preferred to eat salad.” “At one point I reacted by making this salad: but it should have been a great salad”. And so it was.

“It’s a dish that’s always evolving, composed of more than a hundred different herbs used at different times of the year. Each season has its own flavor and characteristics,” Kripa continues. “It can also change from one course to another at the same table, it’s never the same. And it can open childhood memories: it often happens that people are moved by eating itbecause suddenly the taste of that grass or that flower reminds you of a walk with your parents or with your grandparents, of that day in the country when you were a child.”

Source: VanityFair



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