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In Romeo and Juliet’s Castles: Valentine’s Day at the home of the world’s most famous lovers

Being able to go there on the day of St. Valentine it would really be the best because like ai Juliet and Romeo Castles in Montecchio Maggiore, home of the most famous lovers of all time, and make the event coincide with the date of 14 February it is extremely significant.

If you do decide to plan ahead for a romantic getaway at any other time of the year, it would be good to know that on castles of juliet and romeo a Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza)also visible when traveling on the A4 Milan-Venice highway, they can be reached via Via San Valentinoan upward path that starts from the center of Montecchio and climbs the hills of the lovers’ respective homes, where the story of the Shakespearean couple is intertwined with legend.

Betrothed couple in Romeo’s castle.

Capulet and Montague Castles

The two castles stand on such different hills, in a wonderful panoramic position, from which on clear days you can even enjoy the view of the Apennines. The the castle of romeo montequi it is the first in order of appearance and is located at 234 meters at altitude. It is located right in front of Juliet’s Castle (you hate Bellaguardia) belonged to the family of Capuletswhich stands on a clivium a little higher: a 254 meters.

From these distances, the two fortresses look at each other and, in an exercise of the imagination, one can imagine that the two lovers can look around, communicate and meet. Reaching these two historical-architectural monuments at sunset for a poetic walk waiting for the darkness to envelop the landscape and the floodlights of the two mansions to turn on to illuminate them from below in all their grandeur and solemnity is a sentimental gift without a price. The Romeo’s castle can also be visited insideso much so that there is a visual history route in the tower, a kind of permanent exhibition organized by stairs and landings, which tells with posters and placards, inscriptions and images how and to what extent the opposite love between Juliet and Romeo is widely represented in books and cinema.

Entrance to Romeo's castle tower and heraldic coats of arms of the Montague and Capulet families.

Entrance to Romeo’s castle tower and heraldic coats of arms of the Montague and Capulet families.

Juliet’s Castle can be explored at high altitude all around its perimeter and from the top of its stones there is an amazing 360 degree view of the plain below, Berici Hillson Little Dolomites and the nearby city Verona. And right in Verona, on Via Capello Juliet’s balcony it is another passionate place, among the most visited in the world after the Vatican Museums.

Source: VanityFair



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