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In the mountains in Falcade: on the slow side of the Belluno Dolomites

TO Falcadaon the less shiny side of Belluno Dolomites we live at a different speed. The worldly echo of Cortina d’Ampezzo seems very far away, while here the mountain vacation returns to the slow rest of a rural valley. There Val del Biois, which managed to find its identity among ancient barns and facades decorated with saints on the windows. Even skiing, which finds its speed on the beautiful slopes of San Pellegrino Passit’s slow. So much so that the focus here is on narrow skis, with a historic school that has produced several champions.

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The lower cloths

We are in Falcadasunny place in the village Val del Biois. A peaceful plain crossed by the stream that gives its name to the valley under the gaze of Pale di San Martino, Monte Civetta and the three Cime d’Auta. Yes, there are not only those of Lavaredo, the Belluno Dolomites also have their equally charming “trinity of mountains”. You admire them fabrics loved by skiers, which have as their point of departure the Pietro Scola Running Center: a historic sports facility that bears the name of the Olympian from Agordo. In fact, internationally recognized Olympic athletes such as Magda Genuin and Fulvio Scola, current coach of the Italian men’s team, have come out of the school and young talents are growing. It is no coincidence that in recent years the discipline has been the protagonist of a renewed interest in both lower prices compared to alpine skiing and a slower, more sustainable and contemplative approach to the mountain.

They know this well on the slope that crosses the Falcade, part of the SuperNordic Skipass chain, with its 10 kilometers partly also illuminated in the evening. Further down the valley, at the foot of the fabulous Val di Garres, there is the Franco Manfroi Cross Country Center, named after another talented son of the Agordo area, with a rather technical 7km route. There is time until the end of March and the beginning of April: the cold temperatures of winter ensure that the snow will last until spring among forests and icy waterfalls.

Pass San Pellegrino Belluno Trentino Alto Adige
Pass San Pellegrino, Belluno, Trentino Alto AdigeIanunzio Alessandro

The Alpine pearl

Last login to chain Alpine pearls dedicated to soft mobility, Falcade took the path of sustainability, focusing on slow excursions and sports in harmony with unspoiled nature. Snowshoeing even at night and donkey trekking, these are the most loved excursions by visitors to Falcade. Here we aim for a slow tourism that loves the simple things: this is the added value of a real valley that has not yet lost its authenticity, but rather tries to preserve it. A bit like the ancients Tabiai.e traditional barns made of interlocking logs and larch shingles that dot the areas of the valley undergoing restoration and valorization. Far from being closed in on itself, Falcade and its valley have always been a place of welcome. Ever since the road that leads from Venice to the north has been an obligatory stop for travelers passing through the Pass of San Pellegrino, on the border with the Habsburg Empire. Today a hinge between Veneto and Trentino.

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