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Insults and social threats to the contestant of 4 Ristoranti: but have we learned nothing?

“I haven’t slept a wink in 10 days”: he commented thus Ekla Vasconi the situation he experiences after the episode of 4 restaurants the action takes place in Mantua, where she is one of the main characters.

Restaurant owner Rigolettoduring the episode Ekla played her cards and, as often happens in a story which – it would be well to remember – is aimed at a show, she took the part of the “villain”. Not that there isn’t truth to what programs like 4 restaurants: The contestants who participate are real, as are their restaurants, and the dynamics of the competition are clear and transparent. But It’s always about TV, about entertainment, about something light which needs its own timing and movements to functionon, often aided by editing. That’s how it goes, ed this is what provides us with an enjoyable and successful program on the couch at home. Except that on this same couch, we shouldn’t forget all that, pouncing on the “bad guy” on duty as if we met him outside the house and caught him kicking our car door. Television is not real life. Social media is not real life. And it’s time to understand it and educate the public to have a different digital consciousness, considering that social media fills a large part of our time with consequences that often escape our control.

Just look at what happened to Ekla and it’s not the first time it’s happened. A few scathing jokes (“I’m not going to let myself be judged by someone who doesn’t eat meat and fish”), some slightly too scathing responses to co-workers’ comments (“it’s done that way on purpose if you like it, fine if not, amen” ).some unkind reproaches to his staff. As Ekla left the show with the image of an overly tough woman (even Alessandro Borghese used to joke with her about this aspect) and a bit mischievous.

Then, social media did the rest. Comments, insults, negative reviews from people who have never even set foot in his restaurant (TripAdvisor has currently blocked restaurant reviews for this very reason). He even made threats to her and her family, says Ekla. In fact, there are about two hundred comments under the restaurant’s latest Facebook post to prove it. “Congratulations on making a scorched earth around you, I wouldn’t want her present even at the beautician because of her harshness, rudeness and lack of respect.” No comments and embarrassing,” says one user. And another replies: “I agree! I never give negative reviews, but instinctively, after seeing the episode, I picked up the phone!”.

In short, social media, as is unfortunately often the case, in a few hours they found in Ekla the enemy to attack. However, we had to learn to understand that there was still a real person on the other side of the keyboard. Which maybe has some fragility or which maybe not understood. Or that she just went on TV to play a game, and played, albeit in her own way. No one would think to boycott a Monopoly opponent in real life, or would they?

Source: VanityFair



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