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Introducing Planter, the app that makes plant-based nutrition accessible to everyone

A a new application made in Italy which sets itself the ambitious goal of to become so passionate about plant-based nutrition to make it your diet for life. His name is Planter and was born from the intuition of two experts in vegetable cuisine, namely Carlotta Perego, founder of Cucina Botanica and food influencers with huge followings, and Silvia Goji, PhD and science communicator, Italy’s authority on plant-based nutrition. There is on their side Simone Secchi, CEO of Planter and Business Manager of Botanical cuisine. Let’s find out together what the Planter app proposal consists of.

The app that will make you fall in love (forever) with plant-based cooking

What you have access to by installing the Planter app on your devices is a meal plan that makes eating plant-based as simple as possible. Because we tell the truth: many times what is discouraging is the thought of complicated and very long preparations to create plant-based recipes as alternatives to the classic dishes we are used to. Planter encourages you to try your hand at a variety of vegetable recipes without stress, providing delicious personalized weekly menustailored to the individual user, based on their needs and tastes. Each recipe is explained step by step, which makes creating nutritionally balanced and, obviously, super-tasty vegetable dishes clear and intuitive. Still, the shopping list is updated in real time, which allows you to purchase only the ingredients needed for the various preparations, avoiding the waste of money and raw materials. If despite all this program you have doubts and questions, with Planter you have the answer support available 7 days a week, speaking directly to the team of nutritionists specializing in plant-based nutrition. As Carlotta Perego of Cucina Botanica comments, «Planter represents a way to transform our future for the better, one plate at a time. Plant-based cooking doesn’t have to be boring or complicated, but rather inspiring and satisfying. We want to share the wonders of a plant-based diet and demonstrate that healthy eating can be incredibly delicious and rewarding.” We finish with the necessary practical information: the app is available by subscription and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Here’s the link: planter. eco.

Source: VanityFair



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