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Malaga (and beyond) against mass tourism: stickers in the city invite travelers to go home

It finally happened in one of Spain’s most beloved cities. Also Rum raisins she found herself dealing with mass tourism. For years, in fact, the city and the whole Costa del Sol they see more and more people arriving not only in the summer but also in the low season thanks to the mild temperatures throughout the year and reasonable prices.

Anti-tourism stickers

But now, after the club manager – Danny Drunko – evicted from the house he had been renting for 10 years, complained, residents joined a (written) chorus of protest. The apartments for tourist use must be marked with the initials AT; hence Drunko’s idea to create slogans starting with these two letters and print them on stickers to stick on the doors of tourist spots. What do the scriptures say? For example: “Apestando a Tourist» which can be translated as tourist smell or «AnTes a family lived here»a family once lived here or «AnTes to esto era centro», it used to be the center.

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Malaga has always been one of the most popular tourist cities in Spain, but in recent years the number of visitors has grown exponentially, reaching in 2023. 14 million. A record not appreciated by residents who, as in many other tourist towns, see the increase in tourists corresponds to: a decline in the real estate market for housing intended for long-term rental; l’fee increase; and also the reduction of services. Bars, restaurants and souvenir shops open, while hardware stores, clinics and home goods stores close – just to name a few.

The social initiative

Then the sticker initiative was born Danny Drunkomanager of a popular bar in Málaga, shared publicly his story, namely the eviction suffered by the owner of the house, despite an offer to pay a higher rent or buy the house. Drunko then asked his fellow citizens via social media to join a protest against mass tourism, coming up with funny slogans featuring the acronym AT. The protest found solidarity among civil collectives and also among some political actors critical of the urban planning policies carried out by the local administration.

The Malaga phenomenon is not isolated. At In the Canary Islands it has become quite common to see signs on the streets telling tourists to go homeand in Tenerife the problem is even more serious because it is not just about the cost of living but also access to water: The island recently declared a water emergency, and this led to much controversy, as some more touristy areas of the island were said to be consuming up to six times more water than other purely residential areas.

TO Majorca last summer residents put up signs near some beaches warning tourists. The signs in English read: “beware of jellyfish” or “beware of falling rocks”. But further down, in Catalan, it was explained that these were not real warnings: «the problem is not in the rockfall, but in mass tourism» and «the beach is open except for foreigners (guiris) and jellyfish.”

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