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Martin Parr’s exhibition, all the beauty (and rubbish) of mass tourism

How can you resist the beats of Martin Parr? Here’s the show you shouldn’t miss this season: Short and sweet from Martin Parran exhibition dedicated to the British photographer with the best intuition for depicting the eccentric, sometimes even grotesque details of our everyday life. His pictures are the equivalent of an English joke: they sting, they leave a mark, but you want more. We will be pleased, because from February 10 A sage from Milan, i.eThe Museum of Cultures in the Tortona Regionpresents a large exhibition edited directly by Mr. Parr together with Magnum Pictures (produced by 24Ore Cultura).

Couple, 72 years old (and an Instagram profile that is a treat) offers us about sixty shots that have marked his career, from the first black and white photographs of the seventies to his most recent works.

How to recognize a Martin Parr photo? Easy: it’s a magnifying glass, often a bright and oversaturated colorsOn stories of ordinary banality, which his mischievous eye makes decidedly eccentric. Like this woman gobbling down a hamburger. What captivates us the most: his gluttony, his painted nails, the Mickey Mouse packaging, his colorful t-shirt? Maybe all of these together. We don’t see the face of this woman portrayed by Parr, but we seem to know her story.

Martin Parr, Hamburger Common Sense, 1995-1999, © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos

Martin Parr

Martin Parr is like this: sociologist, formerly a photographer. It’s been that way since the beginning, when, in his early twenties, fresh out of university, he leaves London to venture into the suburbs of Yorkshire in search of the truest and deepest England: it relives the daily life of many workers in the area, the miners, the people who meet in Methodist churches to reject the state religion. Parr photographed Susie Mitchell, who would later become his wife, and this large black-and-white work of his is at the start of the exhibition at Mudec. The color appeared in the 80s (and what color!). Here Parr began to explore leisure and hiking nearby. Between satire and realism, he immortalized the English enjoying themselves on the beaches of Brighton (and the beach would henceforth be one of his favorite subjects).

make it so”common sense”his most famous series, from which we show you a preview of some footage that will be exhibited in Milan: Martin Parr, again in the role of the social sociologist, in the nineties analyzes consumption and mass tourism, with its clichés, its waste, its distortions, its paroxysms. It appears imaginary kitsch, very powerful. People, places and objects are taken unusual shots and close: once more it is the detail that gives meaning to the whole. Just like this pair of blue glasses here:

Martin Parr, Common sense1995-1999, © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos

Martin Parr

Source: VanityFair



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