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Milan: line 90/91 will become a green anti-smog ring (also thanks to Giorgio Armani)

“It’s been two years since then Giorgio Armani he claims It’s overshadowing me, and the Milan Green Circle project is a step forward. It is an important project that focuses on an area of ​​great symbolic value for the territory of Milan and with a real climate efficiency capable of intervening throughout the city. An idea that the Armani Group and Giorgio Armani himself really liked,” he commented Stefano BoeriPresident of the Scientific Committee of Forestami, parallel to the commentary published by Giorgio Armani he himself, emphasizing the moral duty to return to the city what he received, recalls this “our future depends on respect for the environment as well as a sense of community: two values ​​that this new project expresses perfectly”.

In this way, the route of trolley line 90/91 will be transformed into a green ring capable of crossing smog and pollutants thanks to planting 350 new trees and over 60,000 perennial shrubs and herbsto which they will be added about 300 trees which will be planted at the end of the construction works on the reserved lane on 90/91. A green belt that will help regulate temperatures, increase the infiltration capacity of rainwater, increase biodiversity in the city, as well as the added value of improving the urban landscape.

Viale Misurata in the Green Circle project

Viale Misurata today

Viale Misurata today

Viale Sondrio in the Green Line project

Viale Sondrio in the Green Line project

There “Milan Green Circle” is one of the most important innovations – but not the only one – presented at the annual press conference of It’s overshadowing methe major reforestation project involving the Municipality of Milan and the Metropolitan Area of ​​Milan, born in 2019, which planted the first tree in 2020 and which today can count on a number of 611,459 planted plants, which are monitored and cared for during the first 5 years of life. Definitely the goal of 3 million trees by 2030 still seems far off but not impossible if it can be created synergy with politics and convey the concept that reforesting the city is the most important way to respond to ongoing climate change. «Planting is the most inclusive, effective and cost-effective strategy to address a range of problems and deliver a range of solutions: shade, water holding capacity, increasing biodiversity, oxygen and absorption of fine dust these are all trees can do“, he commented Stefano Boeron. That is why the «green 90/91» project takes on great importance: in the heart of the city it is very difficult to find a place to plant new trees «A bold operation is to be undertaken to gradually replace level car parks with rows of treesYou. Reducing the surfaces occupied by metal sheets that heat up in the summer and replacing them with trees that provide shade is the challenge of the coming years. It is a complex process, but street parking is already taxed in many other European cities and in general I believe that the use of private cars will be significantly reduced in the future.”

In short, through the Forestami project, with the support of the politics and municipal administrations of Milan and the 131 municipalities of the metropolitan area, it is possible start and continue a green change that is increasingly needed and increasingly desired, for which citizens themselves participate with donations, as well as foundations and companies. There Milan Public Foundation contributed through its channels to the collection of private donations for the Forest Fund of a total value 4.4 million euros. While the educational project of Forestami Academy – which aims to educate and engage citizens on the topic of urban forestry with a program of meetings, seminars and workshops – was created in partnership with Prada Group. Is a green – and virtuous – community really being born for a possible future?

On Forestami:

Forestami’s projects are supported by donations from ordinary citizens and companies. Among the latter, some choose to fully embrace the project and become partner of Forestami, such as:

Amazon, Giorgio Armani, Axa Italia, Banijay Italia, B. Braun, Bending Spoons, Bloomberg, Bulgari, CPC Inox, Esselunga, Fondazione SNAM, Gruppo LVMH, HP Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo, IMCD, Levi’s, Loro Piana, Maxi Sport, Microsoft , Moët Hennessy Italia, One Block Down, Perfetti Van Melle, Prada Group, Recordati Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Resources.

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