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Paris in fashion: what not to miss in the city

How to experience the most modern city, which are the museums of the world in Paris that you should not miss? Guests of Castile Parisan elegant boutique hotel that combines Parisian charm with Italian style, we took a look first arrondissement and surroundings of the Ville Lumière in turmoil in view of the Olympic Games this summer. The city is changing its shape to make room for the structures that will host the games, while also taking the opportunity to create bike lanes for the increasing number of citizens who choose to use bicycles and live a greener way of life. life.

In the surroundings, first arrondissement to discover the places of fashion

We are in first arrondissement, the heart of Parisian fashion and culture. Leaving the hotel, we find ourselves right next to the historical one Maison Chanelthe atelier where Coco Chanel opened her first hat shop in 1910. The famous spiral staircase designed by Coco Chanel herself, who during the fashion show sat high and away from prying eyes thanks to the play of mirrors, was able to observe the reaction to customers and journalists during fashion shows.

Maison Chanel staircase, Paris @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

After a few steps we are at Place Vendome, a square symbol of Parisian elegance that looks like a treasure chest, so many beauties it contains. Especially a jeweler. In fact, at the end of the eighteenth century, it was the area dedicated to the artisans who guarded the art of know-how (from the French style, a way of doing things that would later become a fad).

Atelier Schiaparelli
Atelier SchiaparelliChristophe Koenon – Matthew Salaven

Atelier Schiapparelli, Place Vendôme, Paris @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

At number 21 Place Vendôme you will find Schiaparelli fashion house, at the very address where Elsa Schiaparelli opened her boutique and atelier on January 1, 1935. You can still feel the friendship and intellectual exchange that linked the designer with surrealist artists such as Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Franck and Diego Giacometti. Maison symbols such as the padlock and the eye recall the past in a modern key, for fashion ready cross between ready to wear And Haute couture.

Atelier Schiapparelli fashion Paris

Atelier Schiapparelli on Place Vendôme @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

We proceed to i passing turns, covered galleries born in the late 17th century, which became more numerous in the mid-18th century, were loved and frequented by the workers of the emerging bourgeoisie, who took the opportunity to shop and visit the cafes sheltered from the rain. Today in passage you can admire the windows of small artisans, often with workshops, antique shops, collectibles or emerging brands on display.

Paris Fashion Passage Couvert

Shop at couvert passage @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

For fans of harvest a tour under the elegant colonnade of the Palais Royal is a must. Visit from Gabriel Gepper and Didier Ludo, two friperiestores second hand specializing in luxury vintage, they are a way to take a journey through the history of French haute couture, among clothing by Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Hermes leather goods and collectibles.

Palais Royal Paris

Palais Royal @roberta.damore

Roberta d’Amore

Dior Gallery Paris
Dior Gallery Paris

Source: VanityFair



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