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Passport delays: €300k lost in tourism and trade associations now seek compensation

The start of issuing passports dates back to Covid. When travel resumed, a surge in applications from those who had meanwhile forgotten both the trip and the (expired) passport in the drawer created chaos in police departments. But years have passed since then, and since one year, having a passport is a difficult, almost impossible task: not only is the meeting time long (up to 1 year for some cities according to a survey by Altroconsumo last November), but in many police departments, meetings simply cannot be made (6 cities out of 17 among those investigated by Altroconsumo)and hours were spent trying to find a place for it Online agenda site. We all have a story about this and there are many who report months and months of waiting in vain. THE citizens talk about “kidnapping”, tour operators do the math. And they are not good.

300 million euros lost in tourism

While Minister Piantedosi assured last January that he had increased the staffing of the counters, associations of the organized tourism sector condemned the economic loss related to the long time required to obtain or renew a passport «In the two-year period 2022-2023, 167 thousand international trips with a turnover of 300 million euros were failed».

On the subject Franco Gattinonitour operators and President of the Confcommercio Organized Tourism Federation, commented to Vanity Fair: “The situation is unacceptable, also because it cannot be considered urgent: it is a problem that we have been carrying for too long and that is actually getting worse instead of better. We are now at the beginning of the summer holiday sales season, but with this trend we risk losing around 200 million in 2024 alone. Also because, if on the one hand we can help and guide the customers who nevertheless enter the agency, the real problem is that we are not able to detect at all those who, discouraged, give up the trip or perhaps decide, and there may be several, let’s go back to closer countries that do not require a passport”. And in recent days, there has even been a hypothesis about the possibility of asking damage to the Department of Justiceexpecting from Minister Piantedosi not only an answer to their requests, but also a solution to the problem”.

Adds Giuseppe Ciminizzi, Fiavet president of Confcommercio: «The constitutional right to mobility is violated and citizens are discriminated on the basis of their place of residence. Some police stations, just a few kilometers away, offer completely different services, but with the current rules we operate in watertight compartments.” While Pierre Ejaia, President of ASTOI Confindustria Viaggiconcludes that “the world of travel needs speed and fluidity and it cannot be held back by bureaucratic obstacles that force it to suffer huge damages directly caused by the state».

Source: VanityFair



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