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Planting beans on the terrace to save the planet. The Increase Challenge (which we can all participate in)

To save the planet, all you need is a terrace, vegetable area, garden or at least arrange a small balcony vegetable garden. In fact, right there you can become a champion of biodiversity by growing beans. It may seem like hyperbole, but no, it really is possible to be a small part of a large movement that wants to preserve it the biological diversity of our planet.

And since plant heritage can also be lost, you can make an active contribution by having fun planting rare legume seeds in the outdoor spaces of our homes, monitor and control their growth, share what we learn with experts and finally exchange the seeds born with seeds grown by other citizens. Because science, never more than in this case, is not just the work of scientists.

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This is the challenge posed by grows up the citizen science experiment that offers everyone the chance to help keep biodiversity from disappearing. And therefore to preserve the natural resources of the planet, even those that risk disappearing forever.

From 2021, Increase includes thousands of people across Europe who simply have I downloaded the Increase CSA app (free from all stores), they signed up and started get seeds of different varieties of beans at home to cultivate wherever possible, then share the results with scientists following the programme, which involves 25 European partners and is coordinated by Robert Popefull professor of agricultural genetics in Polytechnic University of Marche (Ancona), which is a bit like the father of this project.

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How to register

Even this year, by enrolling in the program until February 29, 2024 (just download the app), you will receive a bag at home containing seeds from five different local and traditional bean varieties(also called ancient varieties) together with a very early Italian variety. In each bag there will be ten seeds chosen at random for each of the varieties, but among these varieties there will always be at least one early dwarf borloto bean. The experiment lasts for a year and thanks to a tutorial you can follow the entire path of plant growth step by step.

planting beans on the terrace

(credits: @Increase)

Because legumes are saving the planet

“To date,” explains Dad, ” international system of germplasm banks retains more than 7 million varieties of species of agricultural interest. In the current phase of climate change, 7 million samples of cultivars grown in the world are an invaluable heritage. For this project we chose pulsesWhat does it mean beans, chickpeas, lentils, lupinebecause they are fundamental to protecting the planet and because one a plant-based diet it is the most sustainable for the future. Increase’s goal is to increase the availability of these resources by keeping diversity not only in banks, but making it available to all citizens.”

Source: VanityFair



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