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Rosalía’s favorite restaurants in Barcelona

Rosalía’s favorite restaurants in Barcelona

The renowned artist has her own guide in her hometown. In addition to the tapas classics, she also surprises with Italian and Japanese proposals.

The best restaurants in Barcelona according to Rosalía

The Gràcia neighborhood is well known for its locality. Within the populated and multicultural Barcelona, ​​this area still preserves 19th century pedestrian streets and the tranquility of the suburbs. Among its main attractions are alternative galleries, movie theaters and, as Rosalía rightly pointed out, authentic Catalan food bistros.


Xemei – whose name means “twins” in the Venetian dialect – is run by the brothers Stefano and Max Colombo. Located in the Poble-secthis restaurant seeks to recreate the fish preparation in the best style of this region. Among its notable dishes are the tartufo bianco d’Alba, sarde in saor and baccalà mantecatoall accompanied by an excellent selection of wines.

If you didn’t know, the Gothic quarter It is one of the most beautiful in all of Spain. With their narrow streets, medieval architecture and small art galleriesit is impossible not to feel transported to the 12th century and fall in love with it.

In Motomami, Rosalía has also explored Japanese culture, including references in songs like “Hentai”. Also, in the music video “Yours”, The singer takes a tour of the capital of this country.

The Catalan woman has expressed her admiration for this culture on several occasions, which is also reflected in their gastronomic preferences. One of his favorites is Shunkaa Japanese restaurant located in the city center and awarded a Michelin star. Visitors especially praise the sushi which is prepared at the bar, where you can sit and enjoy the spectacle of its preparation.

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