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Skiing the Milky Way and Sansicario: snow for everyone (especially the family)

There is no such poetic name for a ski area as that of “Torino Mountains”, i.e Milky Way. Remember the dream and the snow, and even this year – as in all the Alps – climate change leaves less room for snow, the dream of crossing the mountains on skis, reaching peaks, entering the forest is always there. Never like here where you travel 400 kilometers of tracksbetween 2 countries and 8 locations ranging from the slopes of Pragelato, On Oulx And Sauze d’Oulx to Sestrierefrom Sansicario to Cesana Torinese passing by piano to Montgeneverin France, on slopes of all kinds and for everyone, from those who come to ski with the family, relaxed, to those who like to ski to the maximum.

Mount Chaberton and Monti della Luna seen from the slopes of Sansicario.

Skiing, but not only

from San Sicario, where we stayed, you can choose to ski a different side each day, starting from the slopes of the ski station or crossing the valley with the lifts – going over the abandoned Olympic bobsleigh track (which should teach Cortina-Milano how pointless it is to do new) – to ski up to a maximum height of 2789 meters. And then on Mountains of the Moon and then to France, at the top of the Rocher de l’Aigle at 2760 meters with the new cable car, perhaps the most picturesque point from which you can watch the parade of snow-capped peaks and which offers a series of wide and fast slopes. The «Fortini» area is my favorite, beautiful, with a series of gentle descents above the town of Montgenever, the pass that marks the border between Italy and France in the heart of the Cotian Alps.

The Via Lattea area offers 400 kilometers of ski slopes.

The Via Lattea area offers 400 kilometers of ski slopes.

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You could spend a lifetime in these mountains, visit all the villages, valleys and rediscover them the true spirit of the mountain, which is often lost on a ski-only vacation. From our hotel, Bluserena Sansicario Majesticdirector Giuliano Mascelloni shows us the sharp mountain in front – Mount Chaberton – which is the same wonderful view you can see from our rooms. In the hall, a plaque recounts the history of the nineteenth-century fortresses that guarded these valleys above.

San Sicario, the story of a town

San Sicarioa hamlet of Cesana Torinese in the Alta Val di Susa, is a small village to be rediscovered, with less than 30 inhabitants, huts dating from the 16th century, a trattoria andDaniele Bermond’s farmhouseone of 12 authorized producers of a specialty of these valleys, cheese Pleasantprepared every year with milk from mountain pastures produced from June to the end of July, when there is maximum flowering in the high pastures and in particular when the violet, rich in beta carotene, is blooming, which makes the milk rich in nutrients, the cheese paste especially yellow and superb taste.

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