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Soglitelle becomes Oasi Lipu: from a kingdom of wild hunting to a paradise for thousands of birds

The Soglitelle oasis at Villa Literno is now for us. Pink flamingos who dip their long necks, thousands larks that nest in winter, fishermen, magpies, snow peas and herons. There are also gliding hawks, redfins and goldfinches. And on thirtieth oasis of Lipu and the first in territory taken from the Camorata: 15 minutes from Naplesa center of wonder that tells us you don’t have to go far to discover Italy’s wild side.

Just go to Villa Literno on the Lungomare Domitio, that stretch of the Tyrrhenian coast that originates from Gaeta and slips away to Pozzuoli to encounter a a naturalistic paradise which, midway between land and water, welcomes the passage of migratory birds that fly north from Africa. l’Oasis Soglitel It is heaven artificial wetland attached to Focce Volturno-Costa di Licola Regional Nature Reserve.: it is the latest creation among the Lipu oases and apart from being a biodiversity reserve and a valuable naturalist post that hosts hundreds of bird species, it is a symbol of a reborn land.

Example of a black stilt (credits: @Salvatore Sepe)


A former no-man’s land exploited by the underworld for illegal hunting

Soglitel’s past is the past of death and exploitation: in the 1970s, the area was something of a dump, a no-man’s land, where the underworld created a series of artificial pools and built concrete bunkers where poachers could crouch and shoot passing birds. Protected by private access and lack of control, the area had become a kingdom of illegal hunting: You can shoot anything as long as you pay. Today, after a long history of regeneration, walking among the 100 hectares of grounds is no longer a legal challenge and the only weapon allowed is camera, better if equipped with a telephoto lens. But the telescope is also good for observing from afar, in silence.

Specimens of Black-bellied Pivanello

Specimens of Piovanello Black-bellied Piovanello (credits: @Salvatore Sepe)


Outstanding naturalistic interest: 199 bird species have been recorded

Already the project “Free flight“, which began in 2019 and ends in 2021, has made it possible to observe hundreds of migratory and resident birds and to promote the area with guided tours, birding lessons and educational seminars. Now that the area has become an oasis Lipu, «it will be possible to further improve it from a naturalistic point of view and to make it known to an increasing number of people, even abroad – he explains Alessandro Pollinori National President of Lipu. – we have already set up a visitor center and several huts perfect for birdwatching, and you can walk among the reservoirs in search of one of 199 species of birds which are registered in this area from 2019 to date. Some very rare.” Something of an outdoor gym for explorers and enthusiasts, able to change the landscape with each passing season. “Soglitel is a wetland of exceptional naturalistic interest, situated as it is at the center of the migration route that connects Africa to Europe. Birds migrate along the coast: having a quiet coastal area where birds can stop is essential.”

Source: VanityFair



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