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TasteAtlas: the encyclopedia of the best cuisines in the world

TasteAtlas: the encyclopedia of the best cuisines in the world

“Prevent your grandmothers’ recipes from being forgotten, and present the dishes of your childhood on the gourmet map,” say the creators of the website.

With Taste Atlas you can discover food without having to leave your kitchen.

The interactive map you would play with for hours

Even if you live in Spain, you will find restaurants to try dishes from the most remote countries and difficult to locate on the map. And if locating maps isn’t your thing, don’t worry: Taste Atlas does it for you. But they do not locate countries: place food. It should be noted that the map that can be found on the website offers detailed information. For example, he won’t tell you that in Spain there is paella and sangria. If you zoom in, you can see the dishes from each region: In the Basque country there are pintxos, in Andalusia there is Gazpacho, in Asturias there is fabada… and you can expand the map even further and see typical food from towns separated by a few kilometers.

Knowing ingredient by ingredient is essential to making a good dish.

TasteAtlas recommend dishes starting at reviews and opinions of users, but in addition, it also offers its own guides and rankings. The most popular is the “The 100 Best Dishes in the World”, where Spain has little representation (lamb is in position 83, shrimp with garlic is in position 86, and roast lamb is in position 93). Even so, the country is in ninth position in the ranking of “The 100 best ‘Cuisines’ in the world”a list led by Italian cuisine.

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