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The all-gold exhibition arrives in Milan

The exhibition was presented well in advance, although the works will only be revealed in time, and promises to become one of the most enjoyable events of the next Design Week, in Milan from April 15 to 21. Where Ruffino, a historic Tuscan wine company founded in Pontassieve in 1877, will present the project ORObyRUFFINO, inspired by Riserva Ducale Oro wine and Italian design. The meeting is in Piazza Sempione: the exhibition will be staged in Dazio di Levante; the one in Ponente will host tastings and food experience. “Ruffino is writing an exciting new page in its history that elevates the entrepreneurial dream and pioneering approach of our founders in 1877, and which is inspired by iconic Italian design and the beauty it manages to evoke,” he commented. Sandro Sartor, President and CEO. “The protagonist of this evolution, both today and then, is the Riserva Ducale Oro, around which the new global communication campaign has been developed in the name of Italian craftsmanship, able to create design, wine, beauty, sophisticated inclusion Instant connection and this wonderful exhibition that will be organized at the next design week in Milan.”
Interpreting the connection between land and creativity, on the main theme of “know-how” and gold, six international artists: this is who they are and what they have set.

Chiara Lorenzetti

An Italian artist and restorer, her Kintsugi works follow the path of learning this traditional Japanese technique, which is based on respect for natural materials. Ceramic objects extracted with this technique become true works of art: the use of gold dust emphasizes their beauty, turning fragility into strength and perfection. The work on display will be IN THE MOSPHERE, which represents the relationships and emotions that revolve around our lives. «For the ORObyRUFFINO project I decided to use Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese technique from the 15th century, on contemporary Italian ceramics. This allowed me to combine restoration with free artistic creativity, while at the same time presenting the evolution of the Ruffino Oro brand from tradition to innovation. The piece is intended to be used as a centerpiece during a wine tasting with friends.”

Ettore Marinelli
The all-gold exhibition arrives in Milan

Starting from plastic dynamism, the sculptor’s artistic work goes beyond the concept of a “closed” statue, inviting the viewer to perceive the movement and action behind it. It will present at the next Salone del Mobile MOLTEN GOLD, an enveloping and provocative sculpture that captures the essence of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, ecstasy and theatre. Crafted from golden fiberglass, the sculpture is shaped with undulating slits that play with light, creating a dynamic and ever-changing effect. Strategically placed waves near the groin and mouth symbolize the power of life and ecstatic pleasure, respectively. The work’s intense gilding reflects the richness of Dionysian nature, while the transparency of the fiberglass suggests the fleeting nature of ecstasy and joy. «CAST GOLD originates from the mythology of Dionysius, the Greek god of wine and ecstasy. Dionysius’ body shows signs of erosion, as if after centuries of immersion in the depths of the sea, but also a golden glow, thus creating a contrast between the continuous transformation of the passage of time and the idea of ​​abundance associated with ecstasy. OLD FUSO invites viewers to explore the duality between strength and fragility, transformation and eternity, establishing a dialogue between ancient myth and the timeless beauty of art.”

Safi workshops
The all-gold exhibition arrives in Milan

Source: VanityFair



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