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The best pasta in Rome is eaten in this small and very cheap place near the Vatican

The best pasta in Rome is eaten in this small and very cheap place near the Vatican

In the Roman neighborhood of Borgo, next to the Vatican, we find a small place that serves pasta to take away and has become a benchmark for its quality and good prices. Long live pasta!

The best pasta in Rome is eaten in the Borgo neighborhood.

In the number 5 Via delle Grazie There is always a line at meal time. And Pastaciutta offers freshly prepared pasta dishes that have become a landmark in the city. Every day the menu changes and dishes of the day are offered in addition to those that, due to their success, are always available, such as their legendary carbonara or their pappardelle al ragù. Prices? €6 for a serving of pasta more than generous for one person and, what’s more, made fresh in just a few minutes.

The story of Pastaciutta is one love story between Italian pasta and Andrea Di Murroan entrepreneur and economist who decided to leave his job at an international consulting firm to focus on restaurants.

Artisanal pasta made to order at Pastaciutta.

Andrea tells us how the evolution of Pastaciutta has been, since it started as idea in 2012 until now, which has two stores (and about to open a third) and almost thirty employees: ‘I have been a great lover of pasta and I have always wondered why there was not a place in Rome where I could eat a good plate of pasta without waiting more than 15 minutes and paying less than 10 or 15 euros per serving’.

It was then that Di Murro decided to take a leave of absence from his job and began to soak up everything related to fresh pasta. She tried an unpaid internship to learn the secrets of a good pasta dish, but received a lot of no’s for answers. No one wanted to bet on him, except Anna Maria. ‘Almost like a mother, she has taught me everything I know about pasta by working with her at the little stand ‘Mani in pasta’, in the Mercato Trionfale.’ In this local market located in the Ottaviano area, Andrea learned a trade that brings her much joy today.

As the years went by and already controlling part of the Italian recipe book, Andrea opened her first Pastaciutta store in 2015 without imagining that success would come a few years later. And currently, the queues that form at their premises They are the best proof that the idea that was in his head more than a decade ago was excellent.

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