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The best restaurants in São Paulo

The best restaurants in São Paulo

Although São Paulo is located in the southeast of Brazil, it has twice the population of the next largest city (Rio) and offers the specialties of the 27 states that make up the federation. Its extensive Japanese colony provides a striking Japanese offering, and the best local cuisine is concentrated in the streets of Jardins.

Brazilian cuisine is macerated in such a melting pot, maintaining feijoada (beans) as its national dish. Similar to our “Moors and Christians”, it combines stewed black beans with pork and white rice, farofa (toasted cassava flour) and cabbage. It was born as a slave recipe to imaginatively use the meat that their masters discarded.

Porco House

A Casa do Porco restaurant room

The best:

Restaurant A Casa do Porco


Amadeus restaurant room

The best:

One of the dishes at the Amadeus restaurant, in Sao Paulo


Specialists in the cuisine of their home state, Rio Grande do Sul, chef Tuca Mezzomo and his wife Nathalia They pay tribute to him and have their own sausage drying room. Your vegetables, seafood, meats and even desserts usually go through the fire in some way, whether it’s the wood oven or the grill.

Tastefully decorated place with an extensive wine list, its nine-course menu includes barbecue steak, shrimp toast or mushrooms with smoked pumpkin puree and parmesan. The excellent buffalo stracciatellas and wagyu bresaola recall the chef’s Italian ancestors and Nathalia is in charge of the ice creams and desserts with jabuticaba and other exotic fruits.

Rua Augusta, 2077, Jardins

Exterior of the Fogo de Chao restaurant, in Sao Paulo

The best:

Dish from the Fogo de Chao restaurant, in Sao Paulo


ANDThe name comes from the mocotó (ox bone) broth that its founder made 40 years ago. Today, his son Rodrigo Oliveira is known for inventing tapioca dadinho and takes the restaurant to international prestige lists with country cuisine from the Brazilian northeast.

Main dishes to share: roast pork offal, bone marrow, the traditional house broth cooked with black beer and semolina, and the baiâo de dois (rice with white beans seasoned with white cheese and cilantro)… Lunch can be completed with Mocobreja craft beer or a caipirinha.

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