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The cutest ice creams in the world are sold at this Bangkok market

The cutest ice creams in the world are sold at this Bangkok market

Thai street food has a reputation for being one of the best, so say the capital’s markets.

This market is divided into three sections: the main area decorated in the style of the festival of the moment, one of fashion stores and the last one destined for the street food Thai and international. A simple walk will allow you soak up the culture and customs of the country, under an atmosphere that only exists there and cannot be imitated anywhere, no matter how hard you try, and where you can visit the stalls even in boats, browsing one of its many channels. When night falls it becomes a real watering hole for locals and travelers.

Is about the cutest ice creams in the country, the funniest and most beautiful, which are also very good. They are a true work of art and “they are worth eating”, as travelers say. They are shaped like dogs and cats and are made with a striking touch and artistic quality. You can choose between different dog breeds such as dalmatian, golden retriever, shiba inu or siberian husky. For their part, cats have some spots or others depending on the headdress they wear on their heads: One wears a hat shaped like a mouse, another like corn, another like a strawberry, and another like an apple.

Flavors vary too. depending on the variety chosen. The strangest one is the cat that is made of corn ice cream, cheese, apple pie, corn flakes and cookie pieces. Although they are all quite curious. The mouse cat carries charcoal and brownie ice cream, plus brownie pieces, chocolate chips and almonds. Like this one, there are others that are also made from charcoal, like the husky, which has charcoal milk ice cream. There are them for all kinds of tastes, although if you don’t dare with the particular mixtures of flavors, Just seeing them – and the walk through the market – is worth it.

The brand that manufactures them is called IceDEA and also makes them in other ways and distributes them to different businesses. More than a market, it is thought of as a “art Gallery” in which designers translate their ideas into this refreshing meal. Consumers rate them as “the cutest ice cream” they have ever seen. Depending on the time of year, they propose some designs or others according to the moment. He Chinese New Year, for example, has encouraged them to produce them in the shape of dragons; while for Christmas They had a collection of trees, reindeer, snowmen and Santa Claus.

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