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The exhibition everyone is talking about: Anselm Kiefer’s (Fallen) Angels in Florence

Lor let’s face it: German Anselm Kiefer he is our favorite living artist. So, as soon as we heard that he was going to open his own great exhibition here in Italy we rushed to Florence to see her. Anselm Kiefer Fallen Angels (until 21st July, perfect for a visit during these Easter holidays) created in the Renaissance spaces of Strotsi Palace with the care of the director Arturo Galancino It is not something to be taken lightly. We are enchanted by every single work, and also slightly stunned. Then we thought of one mini-guide (in fact you can now find one on display, very well done, in Italian and English) for those works that are worth staying in front of for a few more minutes (and yes, even taking pictures, although they are of such a large size that some nice photos with our cell phones are a challenge).

The artist in one of the rooms of the Palazzo Strozzi, photo Ludovica Arcero, SayWho


Just five minutes from Santa Maria Novella station, avoiding the throngs of tourists that have thronged Florence more than usual in recent weeks, here we are in front of the Palazzo Strozzi: we enter the entrance and immediately the monastery welcomes us Englessturz, (The fall of the angel: Kiefer always used German for the titles of his works), one huge installation seven by eight meters, made with the most diverse materials. Above, the most valuable gold leaf, down common clothes (we recognized some tracksuits, a jacket, some jeans, some items from fast fashion)all treated by the artist with method Top Secret making them hard and malleable together. What the work is is immediately clear: above an angel Saint Michael (the name is written on the upper right, in Hebrew) hunts with a raised finger – as the texts ofApocalypse – the disobedient angels from Heaven. Kiefer, 79, a German who has now moved to France for thirty years (in his giant studio on the outskirts of Paris he reconstructed the rooms of the Palazzo Strozzi on a one-to-one scale so that he could decide to the millimeter which works to bring to Florence), he said that he was inspired by a painting by Luca Giordano, Italian Baroque painter, seen in the Cadiz Museum, Spain. In this work, which reflects the struggle between good and evil, between spirit and matter, it seems to us that we are all little fallen angelswith casual wear.

Palazzo Strozzi abode “occupied” by Anselm Kiefer’s imposing work Engelssturz, The Fall of the Angel ©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio

Let’s go up to first floor at Palazzo Strozzi, where the rest of the exhibition continues. A must stop in the second room, which shines in gold. There is a work by Kiefer from a few years ago, Sol Invictusfrom 1995, is the black and white below in which sunflowers they are not yellow, but now black, with an i ripe seeds, and they fall (literally: the paint is a paste with the seeds of the plant) on a lying person. Next to it, a work also dedicated to sunflowers, among those that Anselm Kiefer created a few months ago: the whole background is golden, giant sunflowers celebrate light and life (how can we not think of those, so different, Van Gogh?). Kiefer is hyper-cultural, and for those who want to delve into the references, we add that this is a cycle of works that he dedicated to Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, known as Heliogabalusa young and controversial third-century Roman emperor (he was killed by the Praetorians in a plot!) who wanted to introduce the cult of the Sun god to Rome.

Source: VanityFair



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