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The Ivrea Carnival is back, a festival that celebrates freedom

Visit the carnival of Hebrew it means attending a beautiful show and a great party. As the oldest in Italy, Historical carnival in Ivrea it is rich in traditions, symbolic figures and gestures and lots of fun.

As every year, the highlight of the festivities begins on Saturday evening (February 10, 2024) in Piazza Ferretto, when the name of Vezzosa Mugnaia, one of the central characters of Carnivalchosen among the young women of the city. From next day to Tuesday (February 11-12-13, 2024) this is the time of the famous battle of the oranges, which every year attracts spectators from all over the world.

The spirit of the historical carnival lives on in the reenactment of an episode from liberation from tyranny: a baron (historically recognized as the Marquis of Monferrato) who was starving in the city, driven out thanks to the rebellion of Violetta, a miller’s daughter who did not want to submit to ius primae noctis and who, by killing him, kindled the popular rebellion.


The Battle of the Oranges at the Ivrea Carnival

The people of Ivreia (that’s what the inhabitants of Ivreia are called) choose their team as children and remain loyal to it for life. There are nine orange thrower teams that challenge those of us wagons, which are 54. The former represent the revolted people, the latter the tyrant. Orange throwers on foot do not have any body protection, unlike those pulling the cart, who have padding under their clothes and a mask covering their face. And it’s not hard to see why: the ratio is similar to that of “one against all”.

Each of the nine teams shoot at a chosen point in the city – always the same one – while the wagons pulled by 2 or 4 “decorated” horses travel through the city, stopping each time to confront the team they meet. At the edges of the streets or squares piles wooden boxes filled with oranges they gradually empty out of the orange groves.

Source: VanityFair



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