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The restaurant where they serve the best potato omelette in Spain, according to Rosalía

The restaurant where they serve the best potato omelette in Spain, according to Rosalía

The award-winning artist’s favorite bar is located in the legendary El Raval neighborhood.

Originally from Barcelona, ​​Rosalía spent much of her life traveling through the center and outskirts of the capital of Catalonia. And that has given him the opportunity to try potato omelette in different parts of the city. However, there is a favorite place and it is located on Carrer del Tigre, in the mythical Raval neighborhood.

This establishment -open since 1987- is characterized by making a traditional basque cuisine with influences from the Iberian Peninsula. Today, this restaurant not only stands out for being a classic in the area, but also for cook an omelette that is worthy of devotion.

When last year Rosalía published on her Twitter account that “The best omelette in Barcelona is eaten at Bar El Pollo“, Aimar – the owner of the establishment – did not expect the surprise that awaited them. After the surprising tweet, the demand for El Pollo increased exponentially. Despite this fact, the cooks at the bar They continue to prepare the dish by quantity and not by demand: during the day one cooks limited number of tortillasand nothing more is done, even if there are complaints.

In addition to this delicacy, El Pollo is famous for serving signature Basque cuisine that combines the creative with the modern.. Among its most recognized dishes are tigers with tomato, sardines with piparra sauce, scorpionfish pudding and saddled hake, among others. The best thing is that they work with seasonal products, so the Gastronomic offer varies depending on the time of year.

Last year’s success allowed El Pollo to expand, creating an extension of this concept in the location next door: The Cock. This time, dedicated exclusively to the bar, with a snack bar where omelettes, beers, wines and cocktails are served.

As an extra, the On weekends, events are organized with different references, entrepreneurs and friends from the area.. Some are related to the world of gastronomy, which is an excellent opportunity to taste food, while others are focused on other types of entrepreneurship. It is the perfect cultural plan to walk around Barcelona.

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