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This is how you eat in Brazil: between cheeses, tropical fruits and cuts of meat

This is how you eat in Brazil: between cheeses, tropical fruits and cuts of meat

Paradise in the form of beaches, bossa-nova and a great passion for football. Brazil, in addition to being a great tourist destination, is an excellent place to enjoy gastronomy.

Brazil is recognized worldwide for its queijos, açaí and exquisite cuts of meat.

What are the typical foods in Brazil?

He queijo coalho It is classified as one of the best snacks that can be enjoyed on the beach. Rectangular in shape, this sandwich is offered pierced on a wooden stick. The preparation is very homemade and simple: it is roasted or toasted at the moment. Although It was traditionally made in the Northeast region of Brazil.today it has become one of the most emblematic foods in the entire country.

Cheese is one of the most prominent ingredients in Brazilian cuisine. On this occasion, it is cooked oven roasted and prepares with cassava starch, corn flour, eggs, butter and sugar. As a result, we obtain a small cheese bunideal for breakfast or snack, which is perfectly complemented with a good coffee.

Cheese Bread is perfect for breakfast or snack


The Wednesdays and Saturdays These are the traditional days to enjoy the feijoadaboth in restaurants and in informal gatherings between friends and family.

This fruit – which has gained special relevance thanks to various influencers who add it to their diets – grows in the palm trees of the Rio region Amazon. It is a blue-black berryspherical and small in size, similar in shape to the blueberry.

Latin America is well known for its ways of preparing meat, and Brazil is no exception. The picanhaa popular cut of meat in this region, is obtained from the back of the cow’s loin and is characterized by its fat layer which gives it an exceptional flavor. It is recommended grill it to fully enjoy its delicious flavor.

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