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This (Italian) club sandwich is aiming for the title of best in the world. Here is the recipe

The news caused a sensation: it was 2009 when Tyler Brulefounder of magazine Monocle, named the club sandwich at the Park Hyatt Milan as “the best in the world” in an extremely well-argued international ranking. What won the applause of the Canadian journalist was – at the time – the version proposed by the chef Andrea Aprea, two Michelin stars: over time, the interpretation of this classic – always much sought after by hotel guests – has evolved, taking on new forms , but keeping its contents intact.

After the original version – with slices of bread cut into triangles, according to the original recipe created at the Union Club in New York at the end of the 19th century – the Park Hyatt Milano club sandwich is now presented to the public in a rectangular shape. a form renewed by the chef who, from 2022, also runs the hotel’s fine dining room, Pellico 3: Guido Paternolo.

Chef Guido Paternolo

Courtesy of Park Hyatt Milan

His revision starts from toasting three slices of bread on all sides. At the base of the first: a layer of Dijon mustard mayonnaise, a few lettuce leaves, well washed and seasoned with oil and salt, 4/5 slices of copper tomatoes, cut and 4 mm thick, a hard-boiled egg and 4 strips of bacon. In the central part, the composition is repeated – mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes – but here the protagonist is roasted turkey which the chef, after browning, massages with mustard and cooks sous vide for three hours (in the recipe given to Vanity Fair, given the necessary tools and expertise, this step is simplified). Then the meat – soft, juicy and rich in aromas – is strictly cut with a 3 mm thick slicer. The last slice of toast is finally topped with mustard mayonnaise. Once the assembly is complete, the club sandwich is cut into rectangles, served strictly with the traditional toothpick and fries. “And possibly accompanied by a Bloody Mary PH20,” as he suggests Alessandro Iacobucci, Bar Manager of MioLab, Park Hyatt Cocktail Bar. “It’s a lively flavored drink based on vodka, Tabasco and enriched with yellow tomatoes and mustard seeds.”

“To open the celebrations of twenty years of Park Hyatt Milan, we wanted to give a new look to our iconic stuffed sandwich without compromising its gastronomic identity,” explains Chef Paternolo. “We loved the idea of ​​revisiting a classic in a more manageable format: we’re sure this unusual version enhances the soul it contains and Convinced once again that ours is the best club sandwich in the world!».

The Club Sandwich at the Park Hyatt Milan

This club sandwich is aiming for the title of the best in the world.  Recipe
Courtesy of Park Hyatt Milan

Ingredients for one person:
3 slices of bread, toasted on all sides
to taste, mayonnaise with Dijon mustard (obtained by mixing three parts mayonnaise and one part mustard)
2 copper tomatoes, cut into 4 mm thick slices
1 hard-boiled egg, sliced
60 g of excellent roast turkey, cut into three millimeter slices
4/5 slices crispy bacon
4 well washed lettuce leaves
to taste extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste


Basic: mayonnaise with mustard, lettuce salad sprinkled with oil and salt, 4/5 slices of copper tomatoes, cut into slices 4 mm thick, 1 hard-boiled egg, cut into slices, 4/5 slices of bacon.
Center: mayonnaise with mustard, lettuce salad sprinkled with oil and salt, 4/5 slices of copper tomatoes, cut into 4 mm thick slices, 60 g of turkey meat, cut into 3 mm thick slices.
Peak: mustard mayonnaise

Assemble everything, remove the skin and cut into 4 rectangles. Serve each rectangle with a toothpick and serve the fries on the side.

Source: VanityFair



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