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Traditional Italian Recipes: Five Hole Pasta from Catania

Yes, in Italy there is also a typical carnival pasta, right in Sicily, right in Catania. Where the tradition, very much alive, consists of a particular shape of pasta – with strategic 5 holes that perfectly collect the spices – accompanied by a very rich ragu based on pork. This is one of the few local recipes where chef Bianca Cellano decided not to “innovate”. Matter | SpazioCucina, a gastronomic laboratory in the Habitat Hotel, in the city center. Because she’s just “perfect like that”. Here’s how he tells it and his recipe for Vanity Fair.

Carnival Pasta by Bianca Celano

“It’s not carnival without bringing a good plate of pasta with five holes to the table. The people of Catania like to celebrate it, especially on Maundy Thursday, with the famous “pasta that cincu puttusa”, i.e. five-hole paste. These are actually large macaroni with a large central hole and other slightly smaller ones, whose particular shape and consistency allows the sauce to penetrate inside. They exist two versions related to the origin of this particular format: according to some experts, everything must be related to the celebration of the carnival. Since the latter is an exaggerated feast, to celebrate it, a large form of pasta was needed, which could find a place on the tables of the people of Catania before the period of Lent, accompanying it with a very rich sauce. Another story tells and relates his birth to a mistake made by a pasta maker from Etna, who was preparing a large quantity of macaroni for the feast of Sant’Agata on the order of a local noble family, but making a mistake in the measurements, he had the idea of ​​joining the macaroni in 5, thus giving life to the five-hole macaroni. For the sauce, there are several variations of similar recipes, the one related to one’s family history is often followed. With me, it was accepted that the sauce was made with the presence of pork ribs, sausage and beef. Once done, the five-hole pasta is stirred into the pot, and sausage, pork ribs, and stew are served as a second course.” And there we have the recipe.

Cinque Hole Pasta Recipe

Ingredients for 4 people: 360 g pasta with 5 holes, 400 g large sausage, seasoned with salt and pepper, 400 g beef stew, 400 g pork ribs, 300 g whole pork rind, 2 bottles of 700 g tomatoes puree gr., 130 gr. double tomato puree, 2 heads of white onion, 2 carrots, 1 glass of red wine, bunch of wild fennel, bay leaves, salt

Method: Prepare a sauté with extra virgin olive oil, onions and chopped carrots. Add the tomato puree and continue to cook for a few more minutes on low heat. Add the meat and rind, cut in half, brown and immediately add the red wine, allowing the alcohol to evaporate for a few minutes. Pour in the tomato puree, immediately pour some water into the bottle to collect any remaining tomatoes and pour it into the pan, diluting the sauce. Then add the whole knotted sausages and the whole pork ribs, plus an aromatic connection of wild fennel and bay leaf. Salt to your taste. Cook for three hours on a very low heat, and when the carnival sauce has thickened and is ready, remove the meat (leaving a few pieces) and serve it on a serving plate to place in the center of the arranged table. Meanwhile, boil the five-hole pasta, drain and stir into the sauce: serve hot!

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