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Traditional Italian recipes: Veronese Kisses of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet kissing in Verona – on Valentine’s Day and beyond – has long been a widespread custom among lovers, even if it is difficult to ascertain how much, in homage to the masterpiece that William Shakespeare he started writing exactly 430 years ago and takes place in the city of Venice. These are small biscuits with almonds and hazelnuts, delicious and soft: the men give the women the light ones (Juliet’s Kisses), and the latter return them with the dark sweets (Romeo). The custom is now so established, and the biscuits so good, that all pastry shops offer their own version.

The Italian guardians of taste, Patisserie Flego

There are among them Phlegoknown in the city above all for its typical local desserts such as Russian cake – made up of a puff pastry shell filled with almonds and amaretti biscuits, made according to the original recipe more than fifty years ago – which takes its name from its shape resembling a Russian hat (although legend has it that it was invented by a confectioner from Verona to conquer girl on board a Russian cruise ship). Me too Kisses from Romeo and JulietObviously (can also be ordered online), a tribute to the most famous couple in love in history and composed of two almond and hazelnut shells.

A group of fragrances

The business was born in 1972 when Giorgio Flego And Renza Dalla Val they decide to take over a newly opened patisserie in the heart of Verona. He, with experience in the family confectionery, took care of the laboratory, she took care of sales. Enough kids Marco And Mateo they decide – after the untimely death of their father – to support their mother in realizing the family dream, even flying to Paris to specialize pasta. Today, Flego has 40 employees and three points of sale – the historic one on Corso Portoni Borsari, on via Stella and via delle Nazioni (within Adigeo) – plus a laboratory on via Flavio Gioia. Matteo takes care of the laboratory, catering, packaging and produce sector, while Marco manages the downtown business. All this again under the watchful eye of their mother Renza, who entrusts them with the overall management of the family brand. And without ever deviating from the noble art of traditional pastry making, including Baci, as shown by the “simple” and extraordinary recipe below.

The recipe for Romeo and Juliet’s Kisses

Ingredients for 25 White Kisses (Juliet): Hazelnut flour 150g, Almond flour 30g, Powdered sugar 90g, Egg white 90g, Granulated sugar 90g, Coconut Rape 36g, dark chocolate to taste.

Ingredients for 25 Black Kisses (Romeo’s): Almond flour 180g, Powdered sugar 90g, Egg white 90g, Granulated sugar 90g, Bitter cocoa 36g, White chocolate to taste.

Method: Mix the almond flour with the hazelnut flour and powdered sugar (for Juliet’s kisses). Mix the almond flour and powdered sugar (for Romeo’s kisses) separately. For both: beat the egg whites with the granulated sugar until stiff. Mix the above powders separately with the egg white and add the grated coconut for the white kisses and the cocoa for the black ones. To “dress” the kisses, place the mixture in a bag fitted with a #8 star tip: line a baking tray with baking paper and form teardrop kisses. Let it rest overnight. The next day, bake at 150° for 10/12 minutes. Then combine the two halves: with dark chocolate for Romeo’s kisses and with white chocolate for Juliet’s.

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