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Weekend in Gavi: amidst the beauty of Villa Sparina Resort

the countryside is even greener this year. Thanks to the rains, the vegetation shines even more than usual and creates that endless carpet of brilliant, almost blinding green that greets us at the entrance of Villa Sparina Resort, to Gavi in Piedmont.

That is why it is impossible not to be charmed by the breathtaking view of the vineyards that stretch over the hills of Monterotondo and which surround the company born in the early seventies from the dream of Mario Mocagata and his wife Brunette. However, this is thanks to the children Stephen, Titian And Maximum Che Villa Sparina takes a further leap forward, becoming what it is today: both a place of hospitality – thanks to the opening of the hotel in 2004 – and a gastronomic starting point with the gourmet restaurant hen.

View from above of Villa Sparina Resort.

The wine and the cellar

Time, fortunately, is on our side and only helps us appreciate the time spent away from the traffic, the madness of the city and thus embrace the slow rhythm of the countryside. Milan it’s not that far (just under 1 hour 20 minutes away) but it seems further and further away as you sit in the garden bar sipping what is now a calling card of Villa Sparina their Gavi DOCGfresh balanced white, with fruity notes and deep yellow.

Villa Sparina garden bar.

Villa Sparina garden bar.

Source: VanityFair



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