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Which dishes to choose to get in shape this summer? The “VIP nutritionist” tells us.

They call it the “nutritionist to the stars”, because he advised not one or two famous names on what to eat to lose weight. TO Nicola Sorrentinonutritionist of San Camillo Nursing Home in Milan, this expression makes you smile slightly, because after all, he says, when told that “it’s modern”, he replies that at seventy years old it’s a classic. Yet in his studio there have been people from Naomi Campbell to Monica Bellucci, from Laura Pausini to Barbara D’Urso, from Alba Parietti to Roberto Bolle.

Names that he neither denies nor confirms, faithful to professional secrecy, but which have made him famous, above all for his anti-prohibitionist approach. The nutritionist who prescribes Nutella, they said, or who helps you lose weight with pasta. In reality, explains Prof. Sorrentino, things are not exactly like that.

How does his method work?
“Well, the truth is, contrary to what they say and what many other colleagues do, there is no Sorrentino method. I prescribe proper nutrition, according to the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet: for this reason, you cannot go wrong. But above all, I consider the patient in front of me, I make him talk, I listen to his habits and that’s how I build the diet.”

Can you give us an example?
“If someone eats pasta or pizza every day, there’s no point in taking it away: I leave it, but you have to do as I say.” For example, maybe replace the parmesan with pecorino, which is tastier and requires less, or maybe opt for a veggie pizza. In short, I believe it is important that the diet is not too punitive: I follow a more psychological approach, otherwise the patient becomes discouraged and does not follow the diet. Instead, it’s important for the patient to trust themselves.”

This is why they say you can lose weight with Nutella…
“Exactly. If a patient tells me they eat three scoops of Nutella a day, I don’t take it away, I tell them to eat just one. And by that I don’t mean that Nutella or similar foods are good for you, but that the diet shouldn’t be a total no-go.”

Going back to the Mediterranean Diet Guidelines, what are they?
“The correct Mediterranean diet requires the intake of five portions of fruits and vegetables per day: they have few calories, many nutrients and beneficial properties and have a satiating effect. More vegetables than fruit, but above all properly seasoned. One thing I am very strict about is oil because even though it is healthy, it contains a lot of calories. Remember those summer salads with tuna in oil, corn, mozzarella, etc.?

“Well, you better eat the plate of pasta. Because then to all those ingredients that are already high in calories, maybe we’ll add a few more drops of oil. And then we wonder why we don’t lose weight if we only ate salad.”

So what do we use instead of butter?
“I offer different condiments made with water and wine, water and stock cubes, or with anchovy sauce, for example. And then there are spices: curry, saffron, ginger…”.

Should a diet only make you lose weight or should it make you feel good?
“My patients come to me mainly for aesthetic reasons. Then I am very careful and do blood tests: there we almost always find that they need to lose weight for their health. A nutritionist is a doctor in every way and his priority is always to protect the patient’s health: we treat food-related diseases, from diabetes to obesity.

How important is lifestyle related to diet?
“They go hand in hand: there is no diet that does not involve a change in your lifestyle. At the base of the food pyramid is lifestyle, and right after that is water, which is considered food and is a great ally for weight loss.”

But what does it mean to lead a healthy lifestyle?
“Do physical activity first and foremost. Which doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, but maybe walking up the stairs, cycling around, getting off at a stop before the subway. And then drink less coffee, smoke less, sleep at the right times.”

What do you think about meat consumption?
“There is no food that is bad for you, it is the quantity that makes the food bad for your health. Therefore, it is clear that eating it every day is not good.”

Can you recommend any recipes to eat to lose some weight and stay in shape for the summer?
“Definitely! Summer and delicious pasta with tomatoes. Or with turnip greens, or even zucchini. And then the vegetable creams, which with vitamins and beta-carotene also help with tanning. To swell your stomach, quinoa with aubergine cream or rice with curry and peas. And for detox action, nice pasta and chickpeas. But always pay attention to the spices.”

Source: VanityFair



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