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A hotel in 14 days? It is possible with hybrid and modular construction

He B&B Hotel Tres Cantos It is the first hotel establishment in Spain to be built using the sustainable industrialized system “CREE Buildings”, which combines wood and concrete. This hybrid construction is also modular, which allows for faster assembly and subsequent disassembly once its life cycle has ended. Casais Group has published a video confirming that a hotel can be up and running in 14 days following this system.

The first hybrid building in Spain developed by CREE Buildings

This hybrid industrialized system It uses 80% wood for pillars, beams and façade, and 20% concrete in slabs and communication cores. This form of construction reduces the carbon footprint by 60%, waste by 60% and on-site noise pollution by 50%, and shortens delivery times by between 30% and 50%.

This construction system, they point out, allows the adoption of a circular economy strategy, since 50% of the materials can be reused at the end of the life cycle of the property. In addition, it reduces operation and maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency by 10%.

A system that saves 6 months in the overall construction approach

During the assembly days, the entire exterior enclosure was completed, including the façade., with frames and glass, and the industrialized bathrooms have been distributed throughout the plants, as have the piping kits for the facilities. All of this, with off-site manufacturing and direct assembly on site, has been explained in ACR.

Following this construction model, it has been possible to save about six months in the global approach to the work compared to a traditional construction project.

In March of last year, B&B Hotels and Sunny Casais laid the first stone of this project, which is a five-story hotel with 120 rooms, which will also have a restaurant, meeting room and parking spaces, as published by HOSTELTUR. In line with the construction of sustainable hotels, it will be 100% free of single and double plastics.

New sustainably built hotels will be built in Spain

This hotel located in the largest complex of audiovisual companies in Spain will be the first to use this system in the country, but not the only one, since B&B Hotels and Avintia signed an agreement to develop 10 establishments until 2025 and its construction will follow the same criteria.

B&B Hotels and Sunny Casaris have developed establishments of this style in Portugal, being the B&B Hotel Guimaraes first. By then, Antonio Carlos RodriguesCEO of the Casais Group, highlighted that “investing in a new generation of more sustainable buildings means being competitive in the future. Casais has chosen human and environmental sustainability as its main focus. Taking advantage of our role as builders and developers, we are providing solutions to bring real sustainability to the built environment.

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Source: Hosteltur



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