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A hotel in Ibiza is evicted after a five-year legal battle

This Tuesday, February 20, a judicial delegation, escorted by the Civil Guard, carried out the forced eviction of the Casa Victoria hotel, in the municipality of Sant Josep, in Ibizaand has forced the 19 people, including guests and workers, staying in the 26-room establishment to leave the building.

The launch, ordered by the Court of First Instance number 4 of Ibiza, began at 10:00 a.m. and lasted until 12:00 p.m., when the owner was able to take possession of the property again.

Of the 19 guests, 15 were tourists and workers displaced to the island during the winterin some cases staying weeks ago, and another 4 were employees of the hotel itself.

Françoise Majoux, a French tourist from Paris, visiting the island for the first time with her husband and daughter, had arrived at the establishment yesterday and planned to stay until Friday. “The police woke us up this morning to throw us out”he explained, after asking, “Do you know where I can get another hotel?”

Judicial confrontation

The eviction is the result of a judicial confrontation that dates back to early 2019, when the ownership of the hotel complex discovered that its tenants, with whom in 2017 it had signed a 10-year rental contract, They were subletting the hotel to third parties“charging five times more and without communicating it to the property,” according to the legal representation of the owner, the firm Las Ciencias Abogados, from Valencia.

The property lawyer, Jesús Crespo, recalled this Tuesday in statements in Ibiza that In 2019, contractual resolution and termination was requestedand that the appeals have delayed the procedure until the court has “finally” decreed the date for the launch. “They were offered to voluntarily leave the facilities until February 16.something that has not been done,” he added.

Since the judicial procedure began five years ago, tenants have stopped paying rentsays the lawyer, “high amounts” that will be claimed in upcoming legal actions, Crespo has advanced.

Discontent among customers

Upon arrival, the judicial procession met a group of men who identified themselves as “friends” of the hotel tenants, but who did not prevent their access.

The delegation, together with the Civil Guard, the lawyers and the current administrators, toured the rooms for two hours to vacate those that were occupied, whose guests left the hotel with surprise and visible discomfort.

Around 12:00 p.m., the legal representative announced the recovery of the property and was “very satisfied that it had developed completely normally.” Crespo has indicated that although the tenants have tried until the previous day to “suspend” the launch “with the same legal arguments”, they have not succeeded.

He also explained that the guests were not notified “because the hotel management company” had not informed them of the eviction.

He added that during the visit to the rooms, they found the hotel “in a status that does not correspond to the category of the establishment“, which is promoted as four stars.

Notice to tour operators

Regarding reservations for the next few days, he pointed out that the eviction had already been communicated to wholesalers and that some “closed sales, others did not.” Along these lines, he added that they will communicate the execution of the eviction so that the reservations “are canceled as soon as possible and tourists are informed.”

The lawyer has also explained that evicted guests have been referred to wholesalers with those who contracted the stays and that the property, which “is a hotel family, is going to recover its activity.”

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